Healthy Eating During the Workday

Tips-Healthy-Eating-During-the-Workday-Blog-Post-Premier-Medical-Staffing-ImageIf you are anything like me, sometimes it can be really difficult to accomplish healthy eating during the workday. I know I usually have good intentions and will go shopping on Sunday and buy a variety of healthy items that I can bring into work to prepare during the day. The problem for me is that I get too busy and do not have the time to take a break. Then what happens………delivery from a local establishment which usually consists of some not so healthy choices.

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Why I Became a Recruiter

Why I Became a Healthcare Recruiter

Why-I-Became-Recruiter-Post-Premier-Medical-ImageWhen I moved to Wisconsin several years ago, it was during a difficult time in our nation’s history. It was shortly after the 9/11 attack, and there was an uncertainty about what the future would hold for many Americans like myself. The job I thought I had secured in Wisconsin was put on hold. I needed to find something, and fast. That was when I turned to an employment agency to help.

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5 Tips for Exceptional Patient Care


Whether you are a Physician or Nurses Aid, you have chosen the healthcare profession to make a difference in people’s lives. Having the ability and desire to provide exceptional patient care is a calling or second nature to most in the healthcare industry. However, there are times that providing exceptional patient care can be somewhat of a challenge, especially when dealing with a patient that may not be the cheeriest or easiest to deal with. Following are 5 ways to build a stronger relationship between patient and provider. Continue reading