Correctional Healthcare is a Hidden Gem


Consider Correctional Healthcare for Your Next Nurse Contract

Treasure-Correctional-Healthcare-Hidden-Gem-Blog-Shannon-Premier-ImageCorrectional healthcare is a hidden gem. If you want to widen your scope of practice as a nurse and you are confident in your assessment skills, this may be a specialty you would enjoy. I would suggest knowing the difference between jails and prisons is essential to understanding which culture is the best fit for you.

Both correctional facilities often treat patients who may not have had access to healthcare or who haven’t wanted treatment. In my experience, jails are short-term and have a revolving door for new and old inmates who need more temporary and short-term care.

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How to Make Your Garden Grow

How-Make-Your-Garden-Grow-Blog-Premier-Medical-ImageIn a few weeks, most of us will take part in the annual “Garden Mart Shuffle”. We usually dread dragging an overstuffed cart filled with soil, plants, and other soil treatment options if we skip the expensive planting soil. After we spend more money than we anticipate, we still have to haul of this home and that’s where the real work begins – how to make your garden grow.

Now that you have gardening on your mind, you become more conscious of every front yard on your way home. You wonder if everything you just purchased will yield the results that you have been dreaming of all winter. Will you finally grow vegetables that are Instagram worthy? Will your flowers stand out to passerbys?

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