travel nursing careerA travel nursing career offer unique challenges and real advantages for professionals interested in pursuing this type of work. As the name suggests, travel nurses take on temporary nursing assignments in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities across the country. They go where the jobs are and can enjoy exceptional benefits and salaries while doing the most good for patients in need.

Here are six of the most important benefits of partnering with a healthcare staffing agency to advance your travel nursing career.

Travel Nursing Career Benefits

1. Top-Notch Compensation Packages

Salaries and benefits may vary depending on the level of experience and education of the nurse. Highly qualified travel nurses can attract significantly higher compensation rates and may be eligible for benefits that include access to healthcare and retirement benefits. Liability and malpractice insurance is typically covered by the healthcare staffing agency offering placements to travel nurses.

2. Flexible Schedules

In most cases, travel nurses are not required to work a minimum number of hours. Instead, these positions allow for added flexibility for nursing staff and medical facilities alike. This can ensure an extra degree of control for nursing professionals in unfamiliar working environments.

3. Clinical and General Support

Some healthcare temporary agencies offer dedicated clinical support for nurses working in the field. When questions arise, one simple phone call can put travel nurses in touch with professionals in their field to determine the most effective solution for their needs. Additionally, general support teams can answer questions about assignments, contract obligations and compensation for nurses working in hospitals and clinics across America.

4. Housing

Eligibility for housing benefits is usually determined on a case-by-case basis. Factors that may influence this decision include the availability of affordable housing in the area, the cost of long-term hotel stays and the need for travel nurses in a particular geographic area. If housing is provided, nurses may be asked to pay some or all of the costs of renting or leasing living space. Alternatively, the compensation provided by the healthcare staffing agency may be reduced to account for this added employment benefit.

5. Increased Exposure to Regional Healthcare Environments

A travel nursing career can provide a personal perspective on the procedures and best practices in use at facilities around the country. This valuable experience can allow nurses to identify areas in which they would like to live and work while increasing employ-ability and generating a more impressive resume for these healthcare professionals.

6. Opportunities to Do More Good

Travel nurses can make a real and positive impact on the lives of patients and on the outcomes of medical cases. The expertise and dedication demonstrated by these nursing professionals can provide increased attention for individual patients and can significantly improve the quality of care in understaffed hospitals and clinics.

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Editor’s Note: After consulting with our travel nurse friends, we realized that we had missed an important career benefit while compiling our list…exposure to different cultures.

Whether your career takes you to international destinations or to different regions of the United States, travel nurses have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in a new culture. From sampling new cuisines to learning new customs and traditions, travel nurses are exposed to the full spectrum of human experiences. If you’re interested in learning about different ways of life, consider a travel nurse assignment.