Healthcare-Resume-TipsRecruiting in the healthcare industry differs from recruiting in other fields. Healthcare employers are not only looking for how much experience you have, but also how passionate you are about your job.

Starting with a concise objective that expresses a passion for the position you are applying for on your healthcare resume and the purpose in applying is a great way to grab the healthcare recruiter’s attention.  When a healthcare resume crosses a recruiter’s desk, they are looking for specific information that tells them that you are qualified to be employed, as well as, what you are seeking for in employment.  For example, if you worked for a staffing firm in the past such as Premier Medical Staffing Services, include the healthcare facilities that you worked in along with the staffing firm that employed you.

Choose a simple format that showcases your experience, degrees earned, certificates obtained, and the licenses you hold.  It is also helpful to include continuing education efforts as many recruiters will take this into consideration for future needs.

When sitting down to write a professional medical resume ask the questions that a recruiter or hiring manager is asking when they have it in front of them.  Does this appear professional?  What was this candidate’s most recent role?  How much overall experience does this person have? Are there any gaps in their employment history?  Below are five general do’s and don’ts on a healthcare resume that healthcare recruiters agree on.

Healthcare Resume DO:

  • Highlight your professional abilities and accomplishments
  • Be concise – Make it easy for recruiters to spot what they are looking for
  • Make information relevant to the position you’re applying for
  • Update with most recent experience
  • Check for spelling and grammar errors

Healthcare Resume DON’T:

  • Overstate your experience and skill set
  • Use a complicated, extensive format or pictures
  • Use an unprofessional email address or website
  • Change tense throughout
  • Make spelling or grammar errors (triple check)

There is no need to be worried about writing the perfect healthcare resume.  There are tools available that allow any medical professional to input their information into the correct format to create a resume.  These tools can be found on office software, college career centers, and on the Internet.  Be sure to apply the rules above to the format you choose, and your healthcare resume will be ready for any healthcare recruiter.