Tips-Healthy-Eating-During-the-Workday-Blog-Post-Premier-Medical-Staffing-ImageIf you are anything like me, sometimes it can be really difficult to accomplish healthy eating during the workday. I know I usually have good intentions and will go shopping on Sunday and buy a variety of healthy items that I can bring into work to prepare during the day. The problem for me is that I get too busy and do not have the time to take a break. Then what happens………delivery from a local establishment which usually consists of some not so healthy choices.

Meal-Prep-Portions-Containers-Healthy-Eating-During-the-Workday-Image-croppedMeal Prep is a great way to have food at your fingertips already put together. I love Pinterest and always go on there to find new recipes or décor ideas, when I came across all of the different meal prep blogs. There are thousands of different meal prep ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Typically I tend to focus on lunch and snacks to eat during the day. The trick is finding a routine that works for you. The following are ideas that work for me to healthy eating during the workday.

4 Meal Prep Tips for Healthy Eating During the Workday

Bento-Boxes-Healthy-Eating-During-the-Workday-Tips-ImageTip #1: Containers are key. I purchased 1 and 2 compartment Bento Boxes. These are great for both salads or foods that you need to heat in the microwave. I also make sure that I have snack bags on hand to hold any small grab and go items (nuts, seeds, fruits, veggies).

Tip #2: Plan, plan, plan. It is important that when you head out to the grocery that you have your meals planned and know the ingredients you need to buy. It is easier to go with a plan then to plan as you go.Meal-Prep-Eating-Clean-Grocery-List-Healthy-Eating-During-the-Workday-Image

Tip #3: Shop. I once read that when you shop you should stay on the perimeter of the store as this is where you will find your freshest ingredients. Keep in mind that buying in season fruits and veggies will help keep your grocery bill down but still allow a wide variety of options.

Tip #4: Prep. You can prep chicken/meat or fish, by baking or grilling in advance. Rice, quinoa, lentils, and vegetables are great to cook in bulk. While any cooking is in process you can rinse and cut up your fruits and veggies along with prepare your snacks by dividing into portions and packing in snack bags.

My typical workday meal prep looks like this:

  • 2 Snacks (morning and afternoon) – Nuts, Berries, baby carrots, celery, apple, hummus for dipping, cheese (always cheese), summer sausage, peanut butter, Greek yogurt, boiled egg, or anything else I can find that is easy and healthy to grab.
  • Lunch – I always incorporate a protein (chicken, beef, fish) and pair it with Quinoa or Brown Rice and steamed veggies for a hot meal. A salad with chicken or turkey breast and plenty of veggies or a whole grain wrap with a protein and plenty of veggies for a cold meal.

Healthy-Eating-During-the-Workday-Prep-Fridge-ImageHaving a nice thermal lunch box or bag with cold packs that you can keep near your desk makes it even easier to eat healthier during your workday.

Although meal prep can be time consuming, the results are worth it. Not only will you be eating healthier during the workday, you will have more energy and feel better both physically and mentally. It is also a great way to gear up and start the new work week on a positive and productive note.

For additional meal prep recipes and meals, do an Internet Search for “meal prep” or “meal prep blogs” to get more ideas or view our past posts with health and wellness tips from our employees.

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