Lauren-Summer-Student-Job-Interview-Premier-Medical-Staffing-Services-ImageDuring the Summer of 2018, Lauren Hanoski joined our Premier Medical Staffing Services team of Talent Acquisition Managers while on summer break from Carroll University. Double majoring in Athletic Training and Healthcare Administration, she arrived with boundless energy and interest to learn the ropes while blending her personal experiences in healthcare with the business side of healthcare.

She was eager to jump in! Lauren has proven over the summer to be a quick study in healthcare professional recruitment. Before she leaves Premier for the summer and heads back to school, our Community Development Manager, Norissa, sat down with Lauren to see how her summer job went and what advice she has for students.

About Lauren Hanoski – Ambitious Student with Passion for Healthcare

Lauren Hanoski has been passionate about healthcare for years. She has overcome numerous injuries in competitive gymnastics which led Lauren to find her passion for understanding the business side in healthcare. When she is not working for Premier Medical Staffing Services, Lauren likes to workout, shop, hang out with friends and family, talk with people, travel, and sing!

Q: What do you love about your job at Premier Medical Staffing Services?

Lauren: It’s hard to narrow it down! My top 3 reasons would be:

  1. I get to help people!
  2. Healthcare is a field that is always growing. It’s important to have quality healthcare because, at some point, we need it to survive. Plus, healthcare is always improving. At Premier, I get to connect with amazing healthcare employees, go the extra mile to find them a great job, and learn about the business side of healthcare in the process.
  3. It’s family. Everyone at Premier tries to make things fun and all about teamwork.

Overall, my role gives people opportunities to work jobs that fit their needs. And, it surprises our employees when they get the job they want and how quick the process can be. That is what makes it fun working at Premier as a Talent Acquisition Manager. I feel there are other companies that may say, “This is the only job we have for you.” I learned how to go above and beyond to figure out how Premier can accommodate the needs and wants of our employees.

Q: What tips do you have for new graduates to succeed in their first job after school?

Lauren: Congrats to everyone who graduated or about to graduate! I can only imagine how scary and exciting it is going to be for me after graduation. I think what I learned during my summer at Premier can be applied for a first job after school. My top 3 pro tips for new grads would be:

  • Come in every day having a goal and wanting to work hard because it does pay off when you do. It is noticed!
  • Work hard and see the good in all things.
  • Look at failure as a learning opportunity. Find the silver lining even when the desired outcome doesn’t turn out your way. There is a positive perspective in everything.

I appreciate my days off just like everyone else does. The work week may be long but I encourage you to focus on the constructive feedback you receive from your peers and manager then work on it. This is an important skill for life, whether still in college or entering the work field!

Thanks, Lauren, for all your hard work during the summer at Premier Medical Staffing Services! Good luck as you continue your education at Carroll University. If you would like to reach out to Lauren to learn about working at Premier or gain career development advice, connect with her on LinkedIn.