Correctional Healthcare is a Hidden Gem


Consider Correctional Healthcare for Your Next Nurse Contract

Treasure-Correctional-Healthcare-Hidden-Gem-Blog-Shannon-Premier-ImageCorrectional healthcare is a hidden gem. If you want to widen your scope of practice as a nurse and you are confident in your assessment skills, this may be a specialty you would enjoy. I would suggest knowing the difference between jails and prisons is essential to understanding which culture is the best fit for you.

Both correctional facilities often treat patients who may not have had access to healthcare or who haven’t wanted treatment. In my experience, jails are short-term and have a revolving door for new and old inmates who need more temporary and short-term care.

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Correctional Nursing: A Peek Behind the Bars


Correctional-Nursing-ImagePassion and commitment are two of the qualities that one will notice when talking with nurses that work within the healthcare settings of correctional environments. Although correctional nursing can have negative viewpoints, there are great aspects to correctional environments for healthcare providers. Discover the 5 benefits of being a correctional nurse. Continue reading