Coronavirus: Disinfecting Your Scrubs

As the front line of defense against the Coronavirus pandemic, nurses and doctors are continuously placed in a scenario where they may be exposed to the COVID-19 virus. While routine hand washing and the use of hand sanitizers and personal protective equipment (i.e. gowns, masks and gloves) are extremely effective methods of preventing further contamination, there is one medical accessory that is being routinely overlooked: scrubs, the universal uniform of the healthcare professional.

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Am I sick enough to stay home?

4 Things to Consider When Determining If You’re Sick Enough to Stay Home

woman that is sick enough to stay homeThere is a stigma attached to staying home sick from work that all employees are aware of. There is always a choice to be made. Should I call in sick? Can I just tough it out? Can I afford to call in? Will we be short staffed if I’m out? Healthcare professionals struggle with these same questions that go along with deciding if you are too sick to go to work. Here are a few suggestions to consider when deciding if you are truly too sick to go to work.
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