Interview with Nurse Coffee Talk

Jamie Baker and Sarah Matthews, hosts of the Nurse Coffee Talk podcast

Are you interested in honest conversations about the challenges currently facing the nursing profession? Jamie Baker and Sarah Matthews, hosts of the Nurse Coffee Talk podcast, are highly experienced nurses that have seen and done it all. They are committed to using their platform to help other nurses successfully navigate the bureaucratic red tape that is commonplace in today’s healthcare systems. Their ability to discuss complex issues with humor and to discover practical solutions will re-energize your passion for one of the greatest professions.

Listen as Jamie and Sarah tackle some of the hottest topics in nursing today and discuss how these challenges can be resolved. 

1. Jamie and Sara, tell us a little bit about yourselves. What are your backgrounds and education? What initially attracted both of you to a career in nursing?

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10 Ways to have an Exceptional Phone Interview

Many companies have started using phone interviews as a way to pre-screen candidates to fill their job openings. As with any interview, it is extremely important to be prepared. Here are some tips to help you establish yourself as a desirable candidate, make a good impression, and ultimately get you an in-person interview.
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5 Reasons a Career in Healthcare is Right for You

Why-Choose-Healthcare-ImageHave you ever considered a career in the healthcare field but wondered whether it would be a good decision? The answer is yes, it can be a great decision! To some people, the thought of pursuing a career in healthcare can be scary or intimidating but it does not have to be. Continue reading

Correctional Nursing

A Peek Behind the Bars


Correctional-Nursing-ImagePassion and commitment are two of the qualities that one will notice when talking with nurses that work within the healthcare setting of correctional environments. Although correctional nursing can have negative viewpoints, there are great aspects to correctional environments for healthcare providers. Discover the 5 benefits of being a correctional nurse.


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3 Key Things Every Nurse Should Know About Staffing


Staffing of nurses within healthcare organizations continues to be one of the most challenging and complex issues facing management today. Research from the last two decades shows there is a link between the importance of adequate nurse staffing in achieving good patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction. This topic and research is nothing new to hospital administration and management, but it is important that every nurse have a basic understanding of the staffing processes and related terms, know how their unit and organization perform these functions, and be actively involved in the solution. Here are three practical thoughts/solutions for nurses to this ever evolving challenge. Continue reading