3 Key Things Every Nurse Should Know About Staffing


Staffing of nurses within healthcare organizations continues to be one of the most challenging and complex issues facing management today. Research from the last two decades shows there is a link between the importance of adequate nurse staffing in achieving good patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction. This topic and research is nothing new to hospital administration and management, but it is important that every nurse have a basic understanding of the staffing processes and related terms, know how their unit and organization perform these functions, and be actively involved in the solution. Here are three practical thoughts/solutions for nurses to this ever evolving challenge. Continue reading

Healthcare Staffing Agencies: Five Reasons to Consider Contract Work Opportunities

nurses from a healthcare staffing agencyFor healthcare professionals in the modern medical environment, finding the right position can be a challenging undertaking. Traditional healthcare jobs tend to offer little upward mobility and are often accompanied by excessive workloads, easily damaging employee morale and limiting earning potential. However, for a growing number of medical professionals, the opportunities available through a healthcare staffing agency are providing the chance to earn a competitive income in their chosen field while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. If you have ever wondered why some medical professionals choose to work exclusively for  healthcare staffing agencies, keep reading to learn about the five key benefits those clinicians are experiencing.

The Benefits of Healthcare Staffing Agencies

1. Reliable Pay for Work Performed

Companies that specialize in healthcare staffing depend on a pool of dedicated and skilled professionals to fill available positions and to build a positive reputation among their clients. As a result, the compensation offered for staff members who take on these assignments is usually highly competitive with comparable salaries in the area. In addition, exceptional performance is often rewarded to ensure greater retention of key employees. By taking on these assignments, clinicians can enjoy solid pay for superior work. Continue reading