trends-in-travel-nursing-premier-medical-imageIt’s no secret that nursing is an in demand field, but anyone who has gone on a job hunt can tell you that some places need more nurses than others. The long hours and numerous on call shifts can also make taking vacation time tricky. One good way to retain a steady employment while also being able to travel around the country is to use a healthcare employment agency to work in travel nursing.

Travel nursing is a lot like the name implies; you move from hospital to hospital working as the jobs are needed. Some stays are long term; others are short. They tend to average about a 13 month duration. The demand for good nurses is always rising, so there is no shortage of jobs to be found. Your healthcare employment agency will be the one responsible for making sure that you are connected with hospitals that are in need of work. They take the hassle of calling up employers, scheduling interviews, and wasting time traveling to hospitals halfway across the country only to find the position was filled.

Trends in Travel Nursing

There are some caveats before you can work in travel nursing. You have to have passed the NCLEX before your healthcare employment agency can begin connecting you with jobs. Most hospitals will ask for at least a year of experience before they accept travel nurses, and the more experience you have, the easier it will be to connect you. With the average stay length being fairly short, there is little time to train nurses at the job. As such, it can be a bit hectic as you learn the new protocols at the hospital.

Before you decide to become a travel nurse you should do some research into the healthcare employment agency you choose to work with. Each agency connects you with different hospitals, and some may specialize in filling certain nursing roles over others. Be sure to look into expense compensation, housing assistance, and licensing requirements.

Enough of the gritty details; on to the fun part! Nurses are in demand across the entire country. Many travel nursing jobs will put you right in the heart of a metropolitan center. Others positions are in more quiet and serene locations that are excellent for nature lovers. No matter where you work, travel nursing is a way to experience a new area while also collecting a paycheck. You get to see and experience different parts of the country to find out if you would like to stay there on a more permanent basis.

The medical staffing experts at Premier Medical Staffing Services, a Wisconsin-based healthcare employment agency, are ready to answer any questions you may have about the exciting career opportunities of travel nursing. Give us a call at 800-439-7012.

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Premier Medical at 2017 Travelers Conference

Exhibitor-Travelers-Conference-2017-Badge-Image-300pxWe’re excited to announce Premier Medical Staffing Services will be exhibiting at the 10th Annual Travelers Conference in Las Vegas, September 17-19. Our Travel Staffing Specialists Kelly and Nicole can’t wait to meet Travel Nurses and talk about contract job opportunities.