Motivation conceptMotivation is something we all struggle with from time to time. Being unmotivated not only affects your work, but it also can have negative side effects for your coworkers – creating an all-around unenthusiastic and inactive team.

As leading healthcare professionals, it is our job to make sure our employees and coworkers are motivated every day to reach the same end goal.
Here are 4 ways you can ensure your team is driven for success:

1) Develop a Strong Career Path

Employees who have an idea of where and how they can grow with a company will strive to reach that level.  Healthcare professionals have endless possibilities to grow and learn new things.  Medical practices and technology is constantly changing, therefore we need employees who know where there is room to grow and how to get there. Give your team continuous education opportunities, along with career planning and mentors to help guide them to their desired direction. Providing mentors or other successful medical leaders for them to emulate will help give employees an idea of how to become successful in the healthcare industry.

2) Give Clear Expectations and Goals

Employees need to know what is expected of them.  There should be clear and attainable goals each employee can strive for on an individual level, as well as for an entire team. Establish a clear game plan to achieve the goal and celebrate the milestones along the way. It’s great to have high expectations but they have to be realistic to keep the employees engaged. Employees want to do well so when a goal is met, they feel accomplished and valued.  This will then motivate them to continue to meet the goals and strive for success.

3) Provide Adequate and Appealing Compensation and Working Conditions

Healthcare professionals can choose any number of companies to work for, so there are always key components that make the top ones stand out.  Pay grades and benefits are an obvious one, but if you are not able to over the highest pay rate, what else can you offer instead?  Companies may choose to offer a performance based bonus, added PTO, uniform reimbursement, education courses, and/or opportunities to work from home.  Pay aside; employees also look for great working conditions.  Facilities can offer ergonomic chairs, standing desks, up-to-date technology tools, and safe and properly working equipment. Many employees want to see the benefit of working for a company and take pride in the company they work for. Employees that are given the necessary tools to do their job well, will continue to work hard for their company.

4) Create Positive Working Relations with Coworkers

Create a culture people want to work in. Building a solid foundation of good working relationships, is key to keeping your employees motivated.  If you make a personal connection with them, they are more engaged with you and achieving the goal. Ways to create a positive working relationship could be as easy as asking employees about their lives outside of work.  What did they do over the weekend? Do they have any fun travel plans coming up? How is the family? Etc.  Once you build that relationship, it opens the door to improve communication.  Most healthcare employees enjoy praise and rewards for a job well done, so it’s important to recognize each other’s achievements.  It helps boost motivation and enjoyment of the job, therefore increasing the success of the company.

BONUS MOTIVATION… Engage your employees.  If you let your employees have a say in their working environment, they feel invested and valued.  Get them involved with their career path, the company goals, how to improve the office, and how to make it a positive working environment.   Employee engagement will improve their overall motivation and, in turn, the motivation of the team.