Our Core Values | Premier Medical Staffing Services

Everything we do, we believe will make a positive difference in those we serve. We do this at Premier Medical Staffing Services with Personal Attention, Relationships, Empathy, Giving More, Integrity, Excellence, and Respect.






personal-attention-core-value-premier-medical-staffing-services-imagePersonal Attention: Premier Medical Staffing Services believes our employees and clients should be provided with direct, hands-on management to create a personal one-to-one relationship. Through our close personal attention, Premier develops long-term, trusted personal and professional relationships with our healthcare employees and clients.



relationships-core-value-premier-medical-staffing-services-imageRelationships: We recognize our primary strength is people. To be successful, we work together as a team with our employees, clients, and other designated professionals to insure every opportunity is complete, achieving above satisfaction results. We actively work to keep a healthy, positive mindset that is contagious, spreading to all we touch.



empathy-core-value-premier-medical-staffing-services-imageEmpathy: Our team is made up of individuals with different backgrounds, skills, and passions to create an empathic culture. We work to demonstrate empathy internally to our team members, externally to our employees and clients, and publicly to the community and healthcare industry. We strive to recognize our similarities and celebrate our differences.



giving-more-core-value-premier-medical-staffing-services-imageGiving More: We are proactive in finding staffing solutions for our clients and employees that best achieve their goals. Our culture is built around continuous improvement of relationships, communication, coordination, and performance so we can offer more opportunities and resources to our clients and employees.



integrity-core-value-premier-medical-staffing-services-imageIntegrity: We stand up for our beliefs and live up to our own high character standards. We do what is right, morally and ethically. Our clients receive advice that will only support their core staff, with patient care as first priority. Our policies and procedures are designed to support a safe, respectful environment for our employees, clients and their patients.



excellence-core-value-premier-medical-staffing-services-imageExcellence: Daily, we display a consistent drive to support continuous improvement in all that we do. Our employees work together to generate and develop ideas that can help transform our company and our healthcare industry. We do this to provide excellent healthcare staffing services to both our clients and our employees, nationwide.



respect-core-value-premier-medical-staffing-services-imageRespect: Premier Medical Staffing Services recognizes one another as individuals and treat each other fairly and with respect. We value that each of our employees and our clients have varying levels of distinctive characteristics. Our employees and clients are unique, valuable individuals who deserve acceptance, respect, and fair treatment.

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