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We have great employees!  Read why our healthcare contract employees enjoy working for for Premier Medical Staffing Services.  Did you have a positive experience working for Premier?  Tell us about it by completing the form below.


“I’ve worked here a couple different times, mainly on short contracts or per diem when I was in Wisconsin. I was sad when I moved to Texas and couldn’t work there anymore. So happy to be moving back this year and have my info all updated. Kendell Wright is a really nice person that’s working to help me get back on track when I’m back to Wisconsin this summer! Pay is great and I love that it’s weekly!” -Nicole, Google Review


“This place has to most wonderful people to work with and help in any way they can. They place you in the best locations. The greatest job I’ve had yet.” -CNA, Indeed Review


“I love everyone I have ever worked with through Premier. The Reps for premier are so amazing and understanding, they really listen to you and your needs. They try so hard to help get you into positions your are interested in. The pay is great. The benefits are decent. The people and company are amazing!” -RN, Indeed Review


“Wonderful company to work for! I’m able to go to nursing school and I’m still able to work for an amazing company. I love my contact there! She’s so friendly and helpful.” -Katherine, Facebook Review


“It’s been a pleasant experience to be employed by a company with a trusted reputation that provides essential medical staffing to a variety of facilities. They are very approachable, pleasant and easy to work with. Because I have 4 children living in 4 different time zones, it’s been wonderful to be able to schedule trips to visit them without worrying about continued employment opportunities. I have very much enjoyed my current assignment as a Prison Nurse for nearly 3 years. Pros: Very pleasant and approachable, very easy to work with, I can accept or reject assignments offered, I can choose to be contracted for a specified period of time. Cons: None” -RN-BSN, Indeed Review


“My experience with premier has been ok. Amanda is a great person to work with and has always answered any questions I had, very responsive to emails and calls but toward the end of my experience, things got a little slow, just considering that the organizations that were available has been organizations that I have worked for as an permanent employee, other than that, great people, great organization to work for!” -Qualynne, Google Review


“It has been a pleasure working with Premier. Premier is and was a great company to work with and work for. This path has lead me to another great path with [a major medical group] and the staff I have been working with over these past 4 months. This is and has been a bitter sweet moment. Thanks so much for working with me. Again it has been a great pleasure working with Premier.” – Diane


“Premier Medical has far exceeded my expectations in a staffing agency. I am from out of state and beginning my career as a Registered nurse here in Wisconsin.  These fine folks reached out to me and presented me with enriching and wonderful opportunities. They are very professional, courteous, and helpful. They assisted me throughout the entire process answering all my questions and helping me put my best foot forward. I am set on the road to success with them blowing my sails. I highly recommend Premier. Thank you Premier Medical!” – L. Fewell, RN


“The staff at Premier are always very responsive and I am never worried about their follow up on questions I may have. Cherise has always been easy to work with and she certainly does her best to place me in a good situation. They are willing to be creative with not only where they offer to place me but how they arrange the placement with the venue in regards to hours and travel arrangements. I would recommend other rehab personnel to Premier. With their many contracted locations, and a variety of types of facilities, finding a place you like is inevitable.” – Michael


“Thank you so much for my assignment, the location is convenient and the hours are perfect! I love working with the staff and participants. They are such a fun and friendly group that I look forward to going to when I am assigned there. I really appreciate the time that my Account Manager has taken to find an assignment that works well for my lifestyle and yet works well around my full time job. I look forward to being a part of the Premier team long term.” – Marisa, Registered Nurse


“Several of my friends who are nurses work for Premier. The Premier staff are friendly and responsive. My schedule is very reflective of what I need personally. The wages are great! I have referred several of my friends. I LOVE my job! I brag about it all the time!” – Christa, RN


“Some reasons and benefits of why I accepted a position with Premier are their flexibility with hours, variety of hospital openings and friendly staff. I would refer other employees to Premier because of their reliability and flexible hours.” – Thomas


“The staff at Premier are professional, courteous, have great communication skills, supportive, organized and able to work with you and the places you will for to meet your needs and theirs as well. They have job opportunities in a variety of settings (SNF, Home Health, Hospitals, Ect). This job offers me a lot of flexibility.” – Valerie, SLP


“I am a retired nurse and have worked many nursing jobs over my years as a nurse. Working for Premier gives me the opportunity to choose the days and shifts that work for me. I can work weekends or holidays as I choose. Staff at Premier are very easy to work with and meet my needs and my schedule. I have the freedom to be off for vacation time or for special occasions like my grandchildren’s birthdays and their events. I have given many of the nurses that I have worked with information about Premier and most cannot believe that I have the versatility to choose my hours and times to work.” – Karel, Registered Nurse


“Having served Premier and our clients since December, 2005, I can heartily endorse Premier. Premier should be your first stop to go to when seeking either part-time or full-time opportunities. You get to set your own schedule depending on the needs of our clients/medical facilities, you are paid a generous and quite competitive wage weekly, and also you are treated as part of a family. The home office takes time to get to know you and to care about you as both a professional and as a person. Finally, Premier is able to place its nurses in a wide variety of settings: Acute Care, ICU, Long Term Care, Mental Health Care, VA facilities, and in Correctional settings.” – Darren F., LPN


“I found this assignment exciting, knowing that I was helping our men and women in the military ready for deployment. My typical weekend would be preparing either to draw blood or EKG’s for our military.” – EKG Tech in Massachusetts


“Great company to work for and would highly recommend for staffing services.”



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