Premier Medical Staffing Services is a healthcare employment agency that was founded on delivering quality customer service with a personal approach.

Premier is owned and operated by medical professionals, allowing us to have a better insight into our employees’ and clients’ staffing needs and concerns. All of our field staff understand we are there to serve our clients and their patients.

We have the ability to instantly match medical professionals to create client-specific staffing solutions. Our extensive database of professionals contains experienced medical personnel who are ready to get started with little to no training.

We make it our priority to exceed client, employee and patient expectations.

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    Standing Out in the Workplace

    Even if you’re an excellent healthcare employee, there are always areas of opportunity and ways to stand out in the workplace. Standing out at work will not only get you into good graces with your boss or improve the potential of a promotion, which you may have been hoping for, but it will ultimately result in a gain of self-confidence and will aid in the growth of your professional development.

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    Am I sick enough to stay home from work?

    There is a stigma attached to staying home sick from work that all employees are aware of.  There is always a choice to be made.  Should I call in sick? Can I just tough it out?  Can I afford to call in?  Will we be short staffed if I’m out?  Healthcare Professionals struggle with these same questions that go along with deciding if you are too sick to go to work. Here are a few suggestions to consider when deciding if you are truly too sick to go to work.


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