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Who is Premier Medical Staffing Services?

Premier Medical Staffing Services, LLC (“Premier”) began its relationship with the Federal Government to support their medical staffing needs in 2003. Since then, Premier has performed on more than 150 federal contracts through a combination of blanket purchase agreements and sole source contracts. Premier’s diverse corporate capabilities and numerous contract vehicles accommodate a variety of customer requirements and partnership scenarios.

Premier is a valued team player for the Federal Government because we do what we promise to do, with results consistently delivered at the agreed upon cost, at the specified time, within technical parameters, by employees who are motivated, innovative and committed.

Our commitment is to provide innovative and efficient solutions to our clients. It has earned us longstanding and successful business relationships with the Federal Government throughout the years. Premier’s dedicated team of professionals provide a focused approach to contract management services, while ensuring that we accommodate all procedures required for government agencies. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide highly-qualified and experienced personnel within the entire spectrum of the healthcare delivery system, all made possible by our web-based, industry-specific recruiting and scheduling tool. Our outstanding customer service and our strategic approach to staffing is what separates Premier from our competitors.

Premier’s method of contract management ensures that our clients receive services that exceed their expectations while providing feedback for continuous process improvement, employee development and quality control. For every level of employment, our time-tested system of managing contracts maintains contact with the client to monitor and augment performance. Our extensive review processes ensures that we provide only the highest level of healthcare professionals who can stand up to critical peer review.

Our approach to contract solutions is built upon hiring and recruiting the finest quality personnel, applying appropriate and knowledgeable staff to each task order and constant review and feedback from the client. This allows Premier to anticipate and surpass the needs of the client while still maintaining competitive pricing with absolutely zero compromise in the quality of our services.

At Premier Medical Staffing Services, we have a great understanding of the challenges and expectations involved in providing quality healthcare professionals to Federal agencies across the nation.


Medical Professionals for Federal Medical Institutions

  • 621-025 RN – General (Med/Surg, Psych, Geriatric, Clinic) Services
  • 621-025 RN – Specialty (OR, ICU/CCU, ER/ED, L&D, Pediatric/NICU/PICU, Oncology)
  • 621-027 Pharmacist Services
  • 621-031 Speech Therapist Services
  • 621-034 Respiratory Therapist Services
  • 621-035 Physical Therapist Services
  • 621-035 PT Assistant Services
  • 621-037 Occupational Therapist Services
  • 621-037 OT Assistant Services
  • 621-038 LPN/LVN Services
  • 621-039 Cert./Reg. Medical Assistant Services
  • 621-040 Certified Nursing Assistant Services
  • 621-046 Phlebotomist/Medical Technicians Services
  • 621-051 Certified Pharmacy Technician Services
  • 621-054 Nurse Practitioner Services


Premier Medical Staffing Services provides responsive, innovative services that produce proven, value-added results as defined by our customers. These services include:

  • Strategic Recruitment: Our proactive nationwide reach has proven successful in recruiting highly sought-after healthcare professionals.
  • High-Quality Healthcare: Premier’s fiscally responsible approach provides high-quality patient care, helps optimize the efficiency of the facilities and increases access to care for beneficiaries.
  • Responsive Services: Premier is here to exceed your expectations by providing the highest level of responsiveness to the facility and our healthcare professionals.

We understand the importance and impact of quality care to patients and their families. It is our expressed goal to support the mission of the medical activities at government locations with high-quality service.


Benefits for Government Agencies Who Choose Premier

• Knowledgeable recruiting staff dedicated to finding experienced and passionate candidates.
• Credentialing team that efficiently moves healthcare staff through the substantial credentialing process.
• Program management group that handles all contract implementation and program sustainability.
• Back office that manages payroll and ensures federal contracting billing compliance.