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Premier Physician Services LLC can solve your physicians needs for your hospital system or medical group with three solutions:

  1. Our proprietary Physician Transition Solution. Click on the video below for a two-minute preview or read more >>
  2. Finding a physician for a permanent placement position for a departing member of your staff is something many firms can do. However, in combination with our unique three-way approach you’ll find a innovative blend of solutions that no other firm can offer. Learn more about permanent physician placement >>
  3. Locums are a somewhat difficult reality of today medical world. Premier Physicians pre-screens and pre-qualifies our locums before we even present them to you. This saves you time and money. Discover more about locum tenens for physicians >>

Physician Transition Solution

The unfortunate reality of today’s employed physician find them at ground zero of the struggle between recruiting new physicians and those who wish to transition into retirement. Some of your physicians have approached you with their retirement plans. But many more have not.

Premier Physician Services LLC, a division of Premier Medical Staffing Services, went on to create a first-to-market program that uniquely addresses a functional exit strategy for C-Suite executives and physicians, called the Premier Physician Transition Solution. This proactive exit strategy applies a seamless program that address the needs of the end-of-career physician with a framework that is completely managed by Premier.

Ready to take your next step with Premier Physician Services LLC? Contact Mark to see all the details in our complimentary, 20-minute presentation. No obligation.This is a proprietary discernment program we manage for you and provide you and the physician with a true exit strategy solution.

How the Physician Transition Solution Program Delivers a Three Way WIN

Although this program will work with any physician, at any stage of their career, the ideal physician for this program has approached you asking for a transition or retirement solution. Our program delivers THREE WINS:

  • The Physician: They win by attaining a flexible work schedule by working in collaboration with you and Premier to design a schedule for a work-life balance and will transition them to retirement.
  • The Health System/Medical Group: You win by having an exit strategy managed in collaboration with Premier Physician Services!
  • Premier Physician Services: We gain a new customer and physician resources. As the physician completes the obligation to your health system we will discuss with them the opportunity to work with us as a locum.

With our new, innovative service – Physician Transition Solution – we help physicians and health systems/medical groups with a step-by- step, seamless exit strategy solution to meet both parties’ needs.



Permanent Placement for Physicians

If your healthy system or medical group is ready to explore the healthcare marketplace and are actively seeking a permanent change, perhaps you’re wondering what your next steps might look like. Whether you’re looking for a new grad or an experienced physician, we ask them the critical questions before we even present them to you:

For the new physician graduate, we ask

  • Where do you begin your permanent search?
  • How do you explore opportunities?
  • Where can you explore and have a high-level national view of all opportunities?
  • Where do you find the unbiased advice and counsel you need to begin your career?

For the experienced physician, we ask

  • Who can you call to conduct a truly confidential search?
  • How can you zero in on all opportunities in one or many parts of the country?
  • With whom can you place your trust and confidence in that have your interests in mind?
  • Without commitment, with whom can you talk-through your job-search thought process?
  • You know where you’d like to move but need more insight on what the local medical scene looks like?




Locum Tenens Physician Opportunities

We encourage new grads and experienced physicians to explore their total career options. We take a personalized, one-on-one interview approach to connect with them to understand what would be the right fit using factors such as their specific wants, needs, expectations and values. We invite them to take an active lead in designing their own career path. And the best part? They can explore options with you and you can work with them before either of you have to make a commitment.



The Premier Story

Premier Medical Staffing was started 15 years ago by Mark and Laura Hanoski. The came from within the medical field; Mark a registered respiratory therapist and Laura an RN. They have a special insiders appreciation for being part of a cohesive, well-running team of medical professionals. They focused on placing what they knew best, their core strength; which are nurses, therapists and pharmacists. Since it’s formation the company has placed more than: 1,500 medical professionals, working more than 1.7 millions hours in more than 1,860 facilities in more than 20 states. They quickly achieved what few medical staffing firms have; national respect, credibility and a high regard from their customers; Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living, Hospitals, Medical Groups, Correctional facilities, Veterans Homes, Home Health agencies and Health Systems.

In response to customer demand in 2015, Mark and Laura launched Premier Physician Services. Conducting searches for locum and permanent candidates by taking their internal “best practices” for credentialing and scheduling and applying it to include physicians and mid-level professionals, Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants to their recruiting and staffing portfolio.



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