Nurses Night Out: Mini Bowling


Nurses Night Out: Mini Bowling at Thirsty Duck

Roll with Premier at Thirsty Duck for Mini Bowling on February 20

We’re hosting Nurses Night Out in February. If you’re in the Milwaukee area on contract, you’re not alone. Join nurses and other healthcare colleagues and Premier on Thursday, February 20 for a fun night of free mini bowling, food, and drinks. Great way to meet other healthcare professionals, attend a networking event with a new colleague, and learn about working with Premier.

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Why Healthcare Credentials are Important


Credentials-in-Healthcare-ImageDocuments necessary to begin a new position in a healthcare facility are complex for those new to the field and those who haven’t changed to a new job opportunity. Healthcare workers are required to have a number of documents in order to be compliant and begin working. It is important to know and understand that requirements vary from facility to facility. These requirements and specialty regulations are determined by State regulations, facility type, and membership to organizations such as Joint Commission. Continue reading

Correctional Nursing: A Peek Behind the Bars


Correctional-Nursing-ImagePassion and commitment are two of the qualities that one will notice when talking with nurses that work within the healthcare settings of correctional environments. Although correctional nursing can have negative viewpoints, there are great aspects to correctional environments for healthcare providers. Discover the 5 benefits of being a correctional nurse. Continue reading