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With deep roots in the healthcare industry, Premier is committed to fostering a community where passion for patient care thrives. Every day, we put healthcare professionals like you in a position to succeed, ensuring not just a fit, but a rare opportunity to change lives with integrity.

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As a staffing agency founded by medical professionals, we offer unparalleled understanding and efficient solutions to the demands of the healthcare industry. We ensure that our partners receive the best professionals, who are experienced enough to seamlessly integrate and provide smooth continuation of care.

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Born from a profound understanding of the day-to-day challenges of healthcare, Premier has etched its mark as a leader in medical staffing. With roots that delve into our founding members’ experience, we’ve fostered an environment where the importance of individual care is paramount. At Premier, it’s not just about business; it’s about nurturing a community bound by empathy and a genuine passion for healthcare.


Stephanie is awesome. She genuinely listens and cares about you professionally and personally. She checks on you periodically to make sure that you are satisfied with your work and helps you deal with whatever quirks or nuances that comes. She is very proactive. You can trust her and has your best interest in mind. Rose B. RN

Amy was always there to answer any questions or concerns I was having and even when my contract was canceled she continued to stay in touch! She then secured another crisis contract for me and made the entire process super easy. She consistently checks in to see how my weeks are going and if I need anything. Even when I hit a few snags with paychecks and navigating health insurance, Amy took it upon herself to rectify the situation and even followed up with me to explain exactly how everything would be fixed. I am so thankful to have met Amy and to have the honor and the privilege to work with the Premier team! Caroline S. RN

I've been with Premier for less than a year and I'm very impressed with their communication with me and the providers I assist. I've always felt supported at every site I've worked at. Brandon is one of the best contacts at Premier. He's always in contact with me asking how I'm doing at the sites. I have felt like I've been a part of the team from my first day. Best of all.....communication is more than just emails. I appreciate phone calls in this digital age and he is always available for a quick chat. Come join the Premier team! You will not be disappointed. Chris M. RN

Well paying agency, great team managers. Encouraging staff and supportive environment. Flexible hours. Highly recommended. Unknown LPN

Well paying agency, great team managers. Encouraging staff and supportive environment. Flexible hours. Highly recommended. Unknown LPN

Stephanie has been amazing help and also a great listener when it comes to my expectations for a contract and what i want in my recruiter! She keeps me updated consistently and sometimes sends a friendly message just saying hello and checking up on me. Can't find a better recruiter than that! If you're a traveler looking for someone who works their butt off finding a contract for you and also has your back through it all, ask for Steph Brown. She is by far my favorite recruiter that i have ever had! Hannah S. CNA

I'm new to the company and I have received nothing but the best from everyone I've been in contact with. Thanks for being so professional and helpful to me. Denise B. MA

Kelly Foley was my first contact at Premier Medical Staffing over 7 years ago and made a great first impression with me. From her professionalism, positive attitude to her endless energy, she became a favorite recruiter with me, as well as other traveling nurses that I knew personally. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a recruiter. She will work hard for you to be sure you're happy with your assignment! Peggy F. RN

Premier Medical Staffing is a good way to get a job if you are within the Milwaukee area or are willing to travel to the Milwaukee area. The staff is friendly and very easy to work with. If you are in the medical service industry they are there help you find a job quickly and usually within the salary range you are asking for, I found working for Premier Medical Staffing very friendly and super easy to work for. I would highly recommend using them for your search in a job in the medical field. MA

I had a VERY positive experience with Premier Medical Staffing LLC, specifically with Amanda She was very generous with her knowledge and assistance during my interview process and completion of my required documentation I look forward to working with this amazing company. Angela D. RN

Kelly Foley is an AMAZING recruiter!! No matter what time I reach out to her or what little nuance I have, Kelly is always willing to reply, listen, and figure out a way that she can try to help! I have played the agency switch up game in my traveling career, and I have found myself back with Premier! I highly recommend Premier Medical and Kelly Foley. Amanda S. RN

Premier Medical Staffing Services is a fantastic company. The staff their is so helpful to its employees. Brandon is an amazing guy. Truly inspirational human being. He radiates awesomeness in every capacity. Jacob M. LPN

Great environment love the atmosphere everyone is very friendly and they want to find the best work place for staff They make you feel appreciated to be apart of the team. CNA

John Helm very Nice staff called me made sure I got all of my information in quickly. Very responsive outgoing friendly and helpful. Thanks for the search and getting me employed right away. Your defiantly amazing and you have a great job and a friendly voice. Dyavena S. CNA

John was there to help me every step of the way. He always responded to my texts/emails. He took into consideration the schedule that I needed. Tatiana M. CNA

Kelly makes the stresses of being a travel nurse so easy! She has always been a call to text away with any question or problem that may arise. She is quick to respond and develops a close connection with nurses! I love working with Kelly and would highly recommend her and premier! Lauren G. RN

Premier medical staffing is an awesome agency to work for! Their recruiters go above and beyond to ensure you're having a great experience with whom you have a contract with! I have had 2 awesome recruiters John and Brandon. They both were great to work with! Verlissa H. CNA

I have had a great experience at Premier Medical with Kelly. She is an amazing recruiter and is so responsive! It's clear she wants you to be comfortable and happy with your assignment and will do everything she can to achieve that. She is quick to answer any questions I have no matter the time. From day 1 she has had a great energy with me and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a recruiter. Nour E.

Nicole Roost is my recruiter. She is responsive and very caring. I 100% recommend her. This is my first travel assignment and she has been holding my hand the entire time (figuratively) of course. I am very appreciative. Shelly N. RN

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