Tips for Staying Challenged as a Clinician

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on November 17, 2023 in Career Development, Travel Nursing


Staying challenged as a clinician is key to staying on top of best practices when it comes to patient care. Even experienced clinicians who have been in healthcare for years know the importance of staying challenged, as it is crucial to being the best in their roles. We asked Premier clinicians how they stay challenged in their healthcare positions and hope their responses will help you enrich your career!

Engaging in professional development and education

Professional development and education are very important parts of staying challenged as a clinician. Premier RN Lizzel L. says, “I stay challenged by keeping up to date on educational offerings.” Educational offerings can include classes, trainings, seminars, or even webinars about new studies in your field. For example, Premier RN Madison Z. says she likes “watching critical care seminars” to stay informed. Premier MA Katherine M. says, “I stay challenged as a medical assistant by always finding new things to learn and asking for training in new areas when there are areas I can train in!” To find ready-to-watch healthcare webinars, check out, Allied Health Education, or

Professional development and education can also come in the form of adding or expanding your credentials as a clinician. Premier RN Sabryna P. says, “I love trying out a new specialty and finding opportunities to train in new areas.” Madison Z. has “been studying for the CNA exam” to add to her breadth of knowledge. These are all fantastic ways to avoid pigeonholing yourself as a clinician. It is so important to learn about different roles and aspects of patient care.

Exploring a wide range of job opportunities

Taking a variety of different assignments and roles in healthcare is a great method of staying challenged as a clinician. Being a contract clinician is a fantastic way to expose yourself to diverse healthcare settings, patients, and facilities. Premier RN Alyssa S. says, “I stay challenged by changing my work environment by traveling every few months!” RN Tammi M. agrees, saying “I stay challenged in nursing by taking on challenging assignments.”

Not only is travel nursing a great way to see new places, but each new assignment also brings with it unique challenges and opportunities for your growth as a clinician. Premier MA Tyzhanay B. puts it this way, “I am staying challenged as a clinician by taking on new contracts in new areas to keep me on my toes. It was scary at first trying out new things, but being taken out of my comfort zone is what helped me to thrive the most!” Premier RN Andrew B. agrees, saying “keeping an open mind and being willing to seek out a new learning opportunity” is the best advice for those who are on the fence about traveling. Being in new healthcare settings every few months will help deepen your knowledge about patient care and help you grow as a clinician.


Keeping up to date on current industry trends and standards

As the healthcare landscape is constantly changing, staying abreast of new developments in the field is key. Premier MA Victoria T. notes, “staying challenged as a clinician comes with great responsibility. It’s my job to stay informed and aware so that I am providing the best unbiasedhealthcare to all, including the overlooked and the underserved communities when I come to work.” Knowing what unique challenges your patients’ communities face and learning about cultural competence is  extremely important when it comes to providing the best care. Premier RN Crystal R. also notes that it is essential to “remain up to date on current policies on the federal and state levels.” Changes in policy can happen quickly and often quietly, so making sure that you are reading healthcare-related news regularly will help you stay informed. For Premier RN Alendro A., “keeping up with ENA journals and their reviews” is how he absorbs new information within his specialty.

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