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Here at Premier, we aim to be transparent with our people by eliminating the unknowns about getting started as a contract clinician. Whether you want to know more about the ins and outs of our staffing process, application requirements, or benefits, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for extra resources, head to our blog.

See some of our FAQs

What benefits does Premier provide for travelers and other contract employees?

All of Premier’s clinicians receive day 1 health insurance (dental, medical, & vision). 401K plans are available after a clinician has completed 1,000 hours of work (4 consecutive months). All of Premier’s clinicians are guided through the process with a dedicated compliance specialist and recruiter.

How much do assignments pay?

Pay varies for many reasons: specialty, assignment type (full/part time), benefits, location, whether stipends are included, and more. Your recruiter will be able to break down the pay packages based on what you’re looking for.

What are stipends and how do they work?

A stipend is an untaxed benefit paid out to travelers that is received when duplicating expenses (rent, utilities, etc.)

How do I start traveling with Premier?

Everyone gets started with completing their Premier Profile. Once that is set up, one of our recruiters will reach out to help you through the rest of the process.

What are the requirements for travel nursing with Premier?

While there may be some facility requirements as well, to qualify for traveling with Premier you’ll need 1) an active license in the state(s) you wish to work in 2) at least 2 years of bedside experience within your specialty and 3) Preferred American Heart Association certifications – ACLS, BLS, etc. (varies by specialty).

How long are travel assignments?

Generally, assignments are 13 weeks long, but some contracts may be longer or shorter. Once your profile is created your recruiter will be able to help you narrow down assignment options based on your preferences.

Is housing included in my assignment?

Housing is not included and is definitely something you want to consider when planning for your next assignment – your recruiter can help you explore housing options!

Do you only staff nurses?

In addition to RNs, we also staff LPNs, CNAs, MAs, and other Allied Health Professionals.

When should I start looking for my next assignment?

It’s never too soon to start looking! Keeping your recruiter in the know on what you’d like to do next will be a huge help in making sure you’re prepared to take on your next assignment.

I’m a healthcare professional working outside of the US, am I able to work with Premier?

At this time we do not sponsor or provide any work related visas.

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