3 Tips on Using Facebook to Find Your Nurse Travel Job


Finding your next travel nurse assignment can be a daunting task especially when you have two weeks left in your current assignment. Although I could never be a nurse – blood kind of freaks me out, I envy nurses that take the opportunity to travel the world. Truly amazing!

Facebook-Search-Tips-Travel-Nurse-Premier-Image-600pxWhen I interview local nurses, I ask them if they would consider travel nursing and most of them fear job security and the unknown. Fear is a reality to all of us. It’s overcoming your fear that makes life worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, some nurses don’t want to travel; they prefer permanent positions where they can establish a lifestyle around their career. Either way being a nurse is awesome whether you’re a traveler or not.

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5 Tips for First Time Travel Nurses


Travel NurseYou’ve booked your first travel nursing assignment and are headed across the country for a new adventure in just a few short weeks. Even though you’ve got several years of nursing experience under your belt, you’re not sure what to expect.

Don’t sweat it! These tips can help you prepare for what’s ahead and give you what you need to have a great assignment once you settle in.
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Healthcare Staffing Agencies: Five Reasons to Consider Contract Work Opportunities


A healthcare staffing agency can find jobsFor healthcare professionals and continuing college students in the modern medical environment, finding the right position can be a challenging undertaking. Jobs with little upward mobility or with excessive workloads can damage morale and can limit earning potential. For many medical professionals, the opportunities available through a healthcare staffing agency can provide the chance to earn income in their chosen field while continuing to pursue advanced educational opportunities. This added flexibility can make a real difference income and job satisfaction for these professionals. Here are five of the most important reasons to consider working for a professional healthcare recruiting agency:

1. Reliable Pay for Work Performed

Companies that specialize in healthcare staffing depend on a pool of dedicated and skilled professionals to fill available positions and to build a positive reputation among their clients. As a result, the compensation offered for staff members who take on these assignments is usually highly competitive with comparable salaries in the area. In addition, exceptional performance is often rewarded to ensure greater retention of key employees. By taking on these assignments, students pursuing advanced degrees in the healthcare field can enjoy solid pay for superior work. Continue reading

Tips and Trends in Travel Nursing


trends-in-travel-nursing-premier-medical-imageIt’s no secret that nursing is an in demand field, but anyone who has gone on a job hunt can tell you that some places need more nurses than others. The long hours and numerous on call shifts can also make taking vacation time tricky. One good way to retain a steady employment while also being able to travel around the country is to use a healthcare employment agency to work in travel nursing.

Travel nursing is a lot like the name implies; you move from hospital to hospital working as the jobs are needed. Some stays are long term; others are short. They tend to average about a 13 month duration. The demand for good nurses is always rising, so there is no shortage of jobs to be found. Your healthcare employment agency will be the one responsible for making sure that you are connected with hospitals that are in need of work. They take the hassle of calling up employers, scheduling interviews, and wasting time traveling to hospitals halfway across the country only to find the position was filled. Continue reading

Six Benefits of Travel Nursing Careers


happy face at a healthcare staffing agencyThe field of travel nursing offers unique challenges and real advantages for professionals in this fast-growing medical field. As the name suggests, travel nurses take on temporary positions in hospitals, clinics and institutions across the country. Travel nurses go where the jobs are and can enjoy exceptional benefits and salaries while doing the most good for patients in need. Here are six of the most important benefits of working with a healthcare staffing agency as a professional travel nurse.

1. Top-Notch Compensation Packages

Salaries and benefits may vary depending on the level of experience and education of the nurse. Highly qualified travel nurses can attract significantly higher compensation rates and may be eligible for benefits that include access to health care and retirement benefits. Liability and malpractice insurance is typically covered by the healthcare staffing agency offering placements to travel nurses. Continue reading