A Day in the Life of a Premier Recruiter

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on October 18, 2023 in Travel Nursing, Working with an Agency


Many wonder exactly how Premier recruiters are able to balance their personal lives and recreational time with finding clinicians their ideal jobs. Well, we finally have the answers you all have been looking for. We chatted with a handful of Premier recruiters to find out exactly what goes into their days, what their self-care looks like, and what makes them tick. Here is a day in the life of a Premier recruiter.

What is your morning pre-work routine?

For many of Premier’s recruiters, the morning hours involve taking care of their mind and body. Recruitment Manager Amanda says, “I head to the gym around 4:45, come home for shower, eat breakfast, and read or spend time with the dog until I log on.” Lauren K. enjoys a morning workout class: “I wake up at 5am, change, and go to Burn Boot Camp.” Recruiter Hannah says, “my day always starts by making coffee and feeding and walking my dog, Gina. We live really close to the beach and Gina loves the beach, so we walk down to the beach to catch the sunrise most mornings.” Tara’s morning includes a combination of self-care activities: “I drink coffee and read for 1 hour, work out for 1 hour, get ready and start at 8am.” No matter what their preferred morning activities, Premier recruiters maximize their AM hours so they can be primed and ready to find you a job by the time they start their workday.


1st half of the day: what is usually on your schedule from 8:30-12pm?

During the first half of the workday, Premier recruiters can often be found with their headsets on, at their computers, and ready to connect clinicians with contract opportunities. The first part of Tara’s day involves “seeing what new jobs have opened up overnight, checking emails, and contacting pre-approved and pipeline clinicians to gather documents and submit them to new jobs.” It wouldn’t be a day in the life of a recruiter without meetings, says Sarah K: “My first half of the day is spent in meetings. I also prefer to do most of my calls in the morning when I have the most energy.” Amanda says, “my day starts by doing recruiting and leadership. It’s usually either talking with my current staff, recruiting for new roles, or conducting check-ins with my corporate team.”

What do you usually have for lunch?

Lunchtime is an essential part of keeping energy high for Premier’s recruiters. Amanda’s lunch often involves “a sandwich or a salad,” while Lauren K. opts for “chicken and a fruit or veggie.” However, the most popular lunch option among our recruiters is leftovers!

What do you do for an afternoon pick-me-up?

The afternoon slump is the nemesis of any corporate employee. Premier recruiters have many strategies to keep them going during those tough hours after lunch. Sarah opts for “a cup of coffee or a piece of candy from one of the many bowls of candy in the office.” Tara loves to perk up with a matcha latte. Amanda says, “I do love my 2pm white Monster energy drinks some days, but otherwise I will try to take short breaks for a walk to keep my brain working!” For Lauren K., simply “chatting with coworkers” is enough to keep the day’s energy going.

2nd half of the day: what is usually on your to-do list from 1pm to 4:30pm?

During the second half of their days, Premier recruiters are often tying up loose ends and getting their candidates ready for their next contract. Lauren K. notes that after lunch she can usually be found sourcing and submitting clinicians to open jobs. Hannah says her afternoons include “phone interviews, responding to messages, checking emails, and working on candidates’ profiles.” Amanda prefers to do interviews in the afternoon while Brianna likes to source for new candidates. Ultimately, afternoons for our recruiters vary, but no matter what, they’re getting the job done.

Do you have pets/kids? What do you do with them while you’re busy?

Premier recruiters aren’t only busy with matching clinicians with their ideal placements, they are busy with their pets and families as well. Brianna says of her little one, “my son plays at daycare all day while I work.” Kids aren’t the only ones who go to daycare, though. Lauren K. says, “our golden retriever Maggie goes to daycare every Wednesday,” however, Maggie also enjoys coming to the office from time to time. Hannah’s dog, Gina, loves to “help” her mom work: “When I’m working from home, Gina sleeps most of the day and also enjoys relaxing on our balcony when it’s nice out. Since our office is dog friendly, I usually bring her with me to the office a few times a month. She thinks she’s a celebrity and absolutely loves being in the office. She spends the entire day catching up with her coworkers and demanding attention and will check-in with me every once in a while, to make sure I’m at my desk.” Amanda says of her English Bulldog, “he basically sleeps all day and acts as though I am interrupting his day when I work from home.” Tara has two cats who keep her company: “They pretty much sleep all day, but occasionally will try to jump on my desk or sit on my lap, but they’re not a bother!”


What do you do when you finish work? What are your favorite ways to unwind?

After the workday wraps up, our recruiters have different ways to unwind from the busy day. Amanda details her favorite evening rituals: “Make dinner, go for walks, go to movie Tuesdays, golf, read, or chat with my family on the phone.” Sarah loves “trying a new brewery in the area” or playing with her dog. Tara can most likely be found “reading a book or watching reality television on the couch” with her husband and a glass of wine.

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