Working with an Agency

A Day in the Life of a Premier Recruiter

October 18, 2023 in Travel Nursing, Working with an Agency


Many wonder exactly how Premier recruiters are able to balance their personal lives and recreational time with finding clinicians their ideal jobs. Well, we finally have the answers you all have been looking for. We chatted with a handful of Premier recruiters to find out exactly what goes into their days, what their self-care looks […]


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The Compliance Process: What to Know

March 10, 2023 in Travel Nursing, Working with an Agency


Congratulations, you just accepted your first contract nursing assignment! Now what? The next step in getting you ready for your contract is completing the compliance process. Healthcare staffing agencies and the facility you will work at need to make sure you meet all the basic requirements to start working with patients. What does that involve […]


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5 Qualities of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter

May 12, 2022 in Travel Nursing, Working with an Agency


In the world of travel nursing, there are few things more important than a strong recruiter–traveler relationship. Recruiters are the guiding light of any travel journey, whether it’s your first contract or your 50th. But how do you distinguish a top-tier travel nurse recruiter from all the rest? How can you be sure you are […]


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Agency Nursing: What’s in it for You

January 12, 2021 in Working with an Agency


A shortage of healthcare workers is forcing healthcare facilities to utilize alternative staffing solutions. As a result, agency nursing has surged in popularity with healthcare employers and clinicians. Come along with us as we explore the top eight benefits you can expect as an agency nurse. Scroll to the bottom of this post to find […]


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Is Your Healthcare Staffing Agency Nurse Owned?

November 24, 2020 in Working with an Agency


Why It Should Be and More with Laura Hanoski Premier Medical Staffing Services, LLC was recently ranked as one of the largest Wisconsin-based, women-owned businesses by the Milwaukee Business Journal. In honor of that tremendous achievement, we’re talking with Laura Hanoski, former nurse and the business’ owner. Find out what sets Premier Medical Staffing Services […]


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Your Compliance Checklist

February 1, 2018 in Working with an Agency


Preparing for a Travel Assignment What Does This Compliance Checklist Mean? In a recent social media group talk, a first-time Traveling Nurse posted their frustration and confusion on the list of needs or compliance checklist a recruiter gave them for their first travel assignment. A recruiter asked for the following items from the traveler: ACLS… […]


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What Sets a Healthcare Staffing Agency Apart

May 26, 2017 in Working with an Agency


I want to start out by asking one simple question: What makes you say yes? You’re a nurse and you’re probably receiving an overwhelming amount of phone calls, emails, text messages, and inbox messages on social media sites from healthcare staffing agencies in every state. Whether you’re a travel nurse or working locally, I’m sure […]


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