A shortage of healthcare workers is forcing healthcare facilities to utilize alternative staffing solutions. As a result, agency nursing has surged in popularity with healthcare employers and clinicians. Come along with us as we explore the top eight benefits you can expect as an agency nurse. Scroll to the bottom of this post to find out how you can make these benefits (and more) yours today.

Benefits of Agency Nursing

Better Pay

Better pay is one of the benefits that you can expect from agency nursing. Medical staffing agencies often work with hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities experiencing a shortage of nurses. As a result, these facilities are generally willing to pay more to reach adequate staffing levels quickly. While compensation varies based on location, assignment and shift, agency nurses can expect to earn a higher hourly rate than their full-time, permanent counterparts. Additionally, nurses that have in-demand clinical skills will find that agency nursing offers generous compensation packages.

What’s in it for You: The opportunity to earn a higher hourly rate than your full-time, permanent counterpart.


Agency Nursing ClinicianAsk any agency nurse what they enjoy most about contract work and they will probably tell you that it is the flexibility the job provides. Unlike traditional nursing jobs that are designed to meet the needs of the healthcare facility first, agency nursing jobs are structured around a clinician’s preferences and availability. For instance, agency nurses decide when, where and how long (contract length) they want to work. While agency nurses are always welcomed to pick up extra shifts, they cannot be mandated to work more hours than they are contracted for. It is the ultimate way to achieve work-life balance.

What’s in it for You: The opportunity to construct a work schedule that doesn’t infringe on your personal commitments and priorities.

New Skills & Experiences

Are you the type of nurse that enjoys learning new skills? Are you interested in building a resume that gets you on top of the “must contact” pile every time? Agency nurses are employed in a variety of practice settings. This means they are constantly exposed to diverse patient populations and new best practices. As a result, agency nurses are continuously acquiring the skills and experiences that make them high-potential candidates. Furthermore, agency nurses experience a higher level of career satisfaction because they are always learning and growing in their profession. In other words, agency nursing is the best way to grow and enjoy your career.

What’s in it for You: The opportunity to acquire the skills and experiences that will advance your nursing career.

Networking Opportunities

One of the most overlooked benefits of agency nursing is the opportunity to connect and network with other healthcare professionals. It is no secret that healthcare facilities of all stripes rely on employee referrals to fill open positions. In fact, many companies offer lucrative referral bonuses to employees that recommend candidates. A heartfelt endorsement from a colleague can get your foot in the door faster than the most polished resume. Plus, you never know when you will have the opportunity to pay it forward and endorse someone else’s skills and abilities.

What’s in it for You: The opportunity to build a vast professional network that can speak to your exceptional character and skills.

Increased Focus on Patient Care

“I just love extra administrative work,” said no nurse ever. Individuals that go into the nursing profession do it because they have a genuine passion for helping people. They enjoy patient interactions and take satisfaction in seeing progress and recovery. While every nursing job will entail a certain amount of administrative work, nurses on contract assignments are generally assigned fewer administrative duties since they are temporary employees. This means agency nurses get to spend more time doing what they love, providing exceptional patient care.

What’s in it for You: The opportunity to spend more time on patient care.

Preventing Healthcare Worker Burnout

Healthcare worker burnout is defined as “a combination of exhaustion, cynicism and perceived inefficacy resulting from long-term job stress” (Providence). According to a report published by Nurse.org, the burnout rate among nurses is estimated to be 15.6%. Some of the most common causes of healthcare worker burnout are job monotony, long hours and bureaucratic tasks. Agency nursing provides solutions for these job-related stressors. Since contract nurses work in diverse practice settings, set their own schedule and are assigned fewer administrative tasks, they are less likely to experience healthcare worker burnout.

What’s in it for You: The opportunity to stay engaged and satisfied with your healthcare career.

Access to Industry Experts

What is the going rate for a med surg nurse in Davenport, Iowa? What experience or credentials do you need to transition from the ER to the ICU? When trying to advance your career, you can encounter a myriad of unknowns. That is why savvy nurses leverage the resources available through their nursing agency. Healthcare recruiters work with multiple facilities across the nation. As a result, they have a strong pulse on industry trends. Furthermore, they can help you secure the work experience you need to achieve your career goals.

What’s in it for You: The opportunity to work with industry experts that are passionate about your career advancement.


If you have ever dreamed of taking your career on the road, agency nursing is for you! Travel nursing companies, like Premier Medical Staffing Services, have access to contract jobs across the nation. This gives you the opportunity to explore new places while simultaneously earning money and advancing your career. While some nurses view travel nursing as a lifestyle, others see it as an opportunity to try a new location before making a move. Regardless of what path you choose, your nursing agency can make your traveling dreams a reality.

What’s in it for You: The opportunity to take your career on the road and explore new places.

Your Next Steps

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