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by Premier Medical Staffing Services on February 1, 2018 in Working with an Agency


Preparing for a Travel Assignment

What Does This Compliance Checklist Mean?

In a recent social media group talk, a first-time Traveling Nurse posted their frustration and confusion on the list of needs or compliance checklist a recruiter gave them for their first travel assignment. A recruiter asked for the following items from the traveler:

  1. ACLS… What?!
  2. TB – Don’t they last a year?
  3. Years of online modules
  4. Physical
  5. Flu shot
  6. Fit test

Blog-Post-Travel-Nurse-Prep-Compliance-Checklist-Liz-Premier-ImageThe checklist from the recruiter felt overwhelming and unnecessary to the traveler. It just didn’t make sense. Also, this information was provided too close to the assignment start date and seemed sudden to the Travel Nurse. To start a relationship between a traveler and recruiter on a frustrating note is unfortunate. As a recruiter, you want the Travel Nurse to feel appreciated and informed. Meanwhile, the Travel Nurse wants respect, transparency, and efficiency from their recruiter especially if this is their first contract assignment.

How was this answered? As a Compliance Specialist who tries to make lives easier for travelers, I felt heartbroken and frustrated for that person. Here’s how I responded from a Compliance perspective to hopefully help this Travel Nurse and all travelers understand why there is this checklist.

Travel Nurse Compliance Checklist Explained

  • ACLS – May be a requirement of the facility, not the recruiter or staffing agency.
  • TB – It does last a year; however, many healthcare facilities require them within a certain time frame of the start date. In fact, some facilities only accept certain types of TB testing.
  • Online Modules – Can be expected at the beginning of every assignment.
  • Physicals – Last a year, but the facility may require within a certain time frame of your start date.
  • Flu shots and Declinations – Required annually and seasonally, October – May
  • Mask Fit – Must be within a year. There may be a specific mask required, so the fit test you did for one facility may not be the same one at a different facility on your next assignment.

Travel-Nurse-Prep-Compliance-Checklist-Premier-ImageIt would be ideal for your recruiter to give you a heads up on this checklist also have it listed in the job description. Please know that every healthcare facility has different requirements and most recruiters typically don’t handle compliance.

These compliance checklist items are typical needs at the start of any new assignment. My best suggestion to this Travel Nurse and all travelers would be to contact the compliance person at the staffing firm and let them help you through the process. That’s what we’re here for! Compliance Teams are not here to make life impossible. I promise!

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