What is Credentialing in Healthcare Staffing?

Many people view credentialing as an extension of HR. For healthcare facilities, and in this case healthcare staffing agencies, credentialing is a crucial step. Healthcare professionals are required to have accurate and up-to-date credentials to prove not only their skills/ competency at their job, but also to comply with Federal regulations.

Common Sense Credentialing in Healthcare Staffing

Intro-Credentialing-Blog-Post-Premier-Medical-ImagePremier Medical Staffing Services, LLC as a company recognizes the importance credentialing plays in employing quality clinicians for our clients. The credentialing department is dedicated to making sure our clients are getting what they need from the clinician, which in turn gives the clinician access to the position they are seeking with this client. Premier is also committed to the mission and process of being an accredited Joint Commission organization which ensures our credentialing process follows best practices and meets the industry’s specific standards to ensure safe and effective healthcare. As a resource for our clinicians, the credentialing department of Premier Medical Staffing Services is able to explain what is needed and why, along with suggest the best way to obtain it.

Stayed tuned for tips on how to easily obtain immunization records for employment with a Healthcare Agency.