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Introduction to Blogging

You’ve probably heard the term “blog” before and wondered what it is. In short, a blog is an online article written in a more conversational tone. Topics for blogs can be personal or professional, technical or artistic, and be based upon any subject. Blogs are a different style of written article because they serve a number of purposes and can be written in a number of ways. Premier Medical Staffing Services lets a number of those in the industry impart their knowledge and experiences by hosting a blog. Now is your chance to impart your knowledge and passion of the healthcare industry by becoming a volunteer blog writer for Premier Medical Staffing Services. We are looking for first-time writers and experienced writers from our field staff, employer partners, and supporters of improving the medical field. Apply online today!

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Benefits of Blogging

Blog posts help others learn insights about careers in the healthcare profession. The posts can be about a variety of things in the profession that others may not have heard about or do not know much about. Blogging not only helps others to learn, but also starts to create a conversation with the reader. When someone reads a blog, they might have something else to contribute to it and add to the conversation. The blog, not only helps the reader, but it also benefits the writer. There are countless benefits to writing for Premier Medical Staffing Services’ blog, but here are 5 key benefits to writing for our blog.

5 Benefits to Being a Blogger
  1. Learning. When you write an article about a topic, someone else may be able to add to the topic and you’ll learn something you didn’t know before.
  2. Communication. By writing a blog, you’ll learn how to try to connect to others through your writing and then you can take those communication skills and apply them to the workplace.
  3. Community. The conversational tone of a blog helps to meet new people and create a bit of a community.
  4. Be heard. Instead of just listening to others, you can get your voice out there and express your thoughts and opinions of the industry.
  5. Networking. Other bloggers may be able to help you out in your career or give you guidance on who to talk to about advancement.

How it Works

Fill out the form below if you are interested in being a volunteer blog writer. Include any links to any previous blogs you have written if applicable. A member of our staff will be in contact, should we feel that your personal style of writing is a good fit for our company and what we are looking for in our blog. Then we will work with you on topic and keyword ideas along with deadlines. If you have any additional questions, please contact us online.

About Premier Medical Staffing Services

Premier Medical Staffing Services has a solid history of providing superior service in healthcare staffing and job placement in medical professions. Our company has grown from a small team of eager healthcare recruiters to a corporation with satisfied clients in nearly every corner of the nation. We work with medical professionals to find jobs in healthcare and employment opportunities that fit their personality and their needs.

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