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The Ultimate Travel Nurse Packing List

August 25, 2022 in Travel Nursing


The days leading up to departure on your travel assignment are full of excitement and anticipation…and yes, packing. Packing for a travel nursing contract is more complicated than packing for a vacation, and you may be lost on where to start. We’ve compiled a list of essential items to bring with you on your travel […]


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Why Cultural Competence is Important in Healthcare

August 12, 2022 in Resources, Travel Nursing


Cultural competence is growing a focus in all industries including healthcare. The American Hospital Association (AHA) defines a culturally competent healthcare system as one that “acknowledges the importance of culture, incorporates the assessment of cross-cultural relations, recognizes the potential impact of cultural differences, expands cultural knowledge, and adapts services to meet culturally unique needs.” Cultural […]


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5 Tips for Travel Nursing with a Pet

August 5, 2022 in Travel Nursing


If you are thinking about travel nursing with a pet, there are many factors to take into consideration before taking the plunge. Whether your best friend is a seasoned traveler or new to the nomad life, bringing your pet on travel nursing assignments is a big step for both of you. Here are a few […]


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Why You Should Try Contract Nursing in Your Hometown

July 22, 2022 in Travel Nursing


When discussing contract nursing, the trope that usually comes to mind is a travel RN who moves around the country from one far-flung location to the next. While a travel journey is great for some RNs, contract nursing is not a one-size-fits-all career. Lots of nurses are taking up contracts at facilities right in their […]


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How to Be Eco-Friendly as a Travel RN

July 8, 2022 in Travel Nursing


As a travel RN, you’re constantly on the go, moving from one facility to the next. Unfortunately, long drives and airplane trips also means burning lots of fossil fuels. According to the EPA, a typical passenger vehicle emits 4.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year, and a single cross-country flight from New York to Los […]


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How to Avoid Loneliness on a Travel Nursing Assignment

June 10, 2022 in Travel Nursing


There’s nothing quite like discovering a new place on your own. It is one of the most exhilarating parts of travel nursing: moving around the country completely untethered. However, many travel nurses report missing their friends and family back home, and suffer from feelings of loneliness. Humans are inherently social creatures, so it is completely […]


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5 Qualities of a Great Travel Nurse Recruiter

May 12, 2022 in Travel Nursing, Working with an Agency


In the world of travel nursing, there are few things more important than a strong recruiter–traveler relationship. Recruiters are the guiding light of any travel journey, whether it’s your first contract or your 50th. But how do you distinguish a top-tier travel nurse recruiter from all the rest? How can you be sure you are […]


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How to Manage Pre- And Post-Shift Anxiety

April 29, 2022 in Staying Healthy, Travel Nursing


Whether you are fresh out of nursing school or a seasoned professional, you may struggle with anxious feelings and thoughts before or after your shift. It isn’t uncommon for nurses to deal with pre- and post-shift anxiety, which can contribute to compassion fatigue and burnout. You may harbor fears around making mistakes, rejection by a […]


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The Travel Nurse Exercise Guide

April 15, 2022 in Staying Healthy, Travel Nursing


Fitting in any kind of self-care on a travel nursing contract can seem challenging at times, especially when it comes to exercise. Moving your body can have wonderful benefits for your mental and physical health – which can be great in helping combat burnout. You’d be surprised how many options there are for incorporating exercise […]


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