The Compliance Process: What to Know

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on March 10, 2023 in Travel Nursing, Working with an Agency


Congratulations, you just accepted your first contract nursing assignment! Now what? The next step in getting you ready for your contract is completing the compliance process. Healthcare staffing agencies and the facility you will work at need to make sure you meet all the basic requirements to start working with patients. What does that involve and why is it important? Our all-star compliance team at Premier is here to answer all your burning questions about compliance and give tips on how to get through this process without a hitch.

Why is the compliance process important for a clinician?

“Compliance ensures that both Premier and our clients receive a clinician who is competent, safe, effective, and up to date on all their requirements in order to do the job,” Premier Compliance Specialist Tim S. says. “Compliance works as the bridge between potential and opportunity. It is a vital piece of the process for all involved.”

How a staffing agency manages its compliance impacts employers

How long does the compliance process take?

“The compliance process takes around 10 days, but it depends on how quickly the clinician gets us everything we need,” Compliance Specialist Rebecca D. notes. Tim adds, “Everyone’s compliance process may be more or less involved. Especially if they have an extensive travel background or limited time to do Occupational Health. I like to say, you never really know a clinician until they hit compliance.”

During the compliance process, the staffing agency will complete a background check, verify all your education and work history, check your certifications and licenses, as well as contact your references. This all can take a while, so staying patient during compliance is necessary. Our compliance specialists work hard to ensure they are sending the best of the best to clients.

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Tips to ensure a smooth compliance process?

“Having a nursing resume that is up to date without unaccounted-for gaps is key,” Tim points out. “Be available for your appointments (drug screen, physical, and other testing) at the earliest opportunity ensures we have the time to obtain the results for compliance.” Rebecca adds, “Have vaccine records on hand!”

Communication is super important during the compliance process. Make sure you are consistently checking your email for updates from compliance. If you have issues completing your compliance to-dos, please reach out to your compliance specialist! They are there to help, but they need you to keep them in the loop.

To learn more about your compliance checklist, check out our blog post here!

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Anything else you’d like prospective employees to know about compliance?

“We are here to work with and for you,” says Tim. “Although sometimes it seems like compliance is always pushing and hassling to get something done, or redone, it is 100% for the benefit of getting a clinician in the right shape to succeed in their role. I want clinicians to know we are their assistants at the ready to help them grow their experience and careers with Premier.”


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