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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No matter where you may find yourself (whether out on a contract or home sweet home), we hope the warm feelings of the holidays reach you and fill your spirit. There’s so much to love about the holidays, so we went around and asked our Premier staff what their favorite things are about this time of year. We hope you enjoy!

Our Favorite Holiday Movies

It wouldn’t be the holidays without our favorite Christmas movies! The two most popular Christmas movies among Premier corporate employees are “Elf,” and “The Santa Clause,” but check out some of our other beloved holiday flicks!

“Klaus” – Brianna, Recruiter & Corporate Trainer

“Home Alone” – Mia, Recruiter

“Die Hard” – Chris, Client Manager

“Miracle on 34th Street” – Cheryl, Director of Premier Physician Services

“The Lemon Drop Kid” – Samantha, Compliance Specialist

“National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” – Alex, Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist

“A Charlie Brown Christmas” – Emily, Content Marketing Coordinator

“A Christmas Story” – Nicole, Accounts Receivable & Collections Specialist

“The Grinch that Stole Christmas” – Brandon, Recruiter

“Any Hallmark rom-com” – Lauren, Recruiter

“The Polar Express” – Sarah, Recruiter

“Love Actually” – Christina, Recruiter

Our Favorite Christmas Songs

Christmas carols really set the tone for the holidays. Whether it’s old school classics or new pop hits, Premier employees love their Christmas songs. The top Christmas tune among our team was “Mary, Did You Know?” Check out the other faves below!

“Wonderful Christmastime” by Paul McCartney – Brianna, Recruiter & Corporate Trainer

“Christmas Tree Farm” by Taylor Swift – Meaghan, Digital Marketing Strategist

“White Christmas” by Bing Crosby – Mia, Recruiter

“Christmas Shoes” by NewSong – Jen, Recruiter

“The Grinch song or the Peanuts theme. No others are bearable.” – Chris, Client Manager

“All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey – Tara, Recruiter

“Christmas is for The Birds” by Conway Twitty – Cherise, Vice President of Operations

“(It Must’ve Been ‘Ol) Santa Claus” by Harry Connick Jr. – Cheryl, Director of Premier Physician Services

“Silver Bells” by Dean Martin – Samantha, Compliance Specialist

“Christmas Wrapping” by The Waitresses – Emily, Content Marketing Coordinator

“Mele Kalikimaka” by Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters – Alex, Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist

“Last Christmas” by Wham! – Brandon, Recruiter

“Hallelujah” by Pentatonix – Lauren, Recruiter

“O Holy Night” – Christina, Recruiter

“The entire Sia Christmas album” – Cailey, Recruiter

Our Favorite Family Traditions

Nothing warms the heart quite like celebrating beloved holiday traditions that have been passed down over the years. Here at Premier, we are all about family. Here are some of our team members’ most treasured traditions with their families.

“We all go to my sister’s house and have an open house for extended family and friends. We play games and watch movies all day and night and then have a big slumber party.” – Brianna, Recruiter & Corporate Trainer

“We make 100 golf balls every year! (chocolate covered peanut butter balls – I don’t know why we call them golf balls…we are not a golf family)” – Meaghan, Digital Marketing Strategist

“Baking cookies and watching Christmas movies” – Mia, Recruiter

“Making ‘reindeer food’ for my boys to spread outside with me, and my husband goes behind the house and rings sleigh bells to make them think Santa is nearby, they run inside and jump in the bed in excitement.” – Crystal, Technology Operations Analyst

“I like to see how late I can sleep Christmas morning until my nieces and nephew can no longer stand it and turn feral and angry.” – Chris, Client Manager

“We love stockings in our family, even the dogs get their own stockings!” – Emily, Content Marketing Coordinator

“Puzzles.” – Tara, Recruiter

“Banging pots and pans at midnight on New Years Eve.” – Cailey, Recruiter

“Still having all 4 of my grandparents we still do the traditional Christmas with aunts/uncles/cousins on both sides of my family.” – Cherise, Vice President of Operations

“Chinese Food on Christmas Eve.” – Cheryl, Director of Premier Physician Services

“Decorating the Christmas tree.” – Samantha, Compliance Specialist

“Playing trivia with the whole extended family.” – Alex, Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist

“Lighting the tree all month long, day and night.” – Nicole, Accounts Receivable & Collections Specialist

“Christmas eve at my parents’ house.” – Lauren, Recruiter

“We all wear PJs when we get together for Christmas!” – Sarah, Recruiter

“My daughter was born last year. So, we just started the tradition of purchasing the first ornament she picks out at holiday markets.” – Christina, Recruiter

Our Favorite Holiday Foods

It’s no secret that one of the most special parts of the holidays is the food! By far, the most popular holiday treat among our team was Christmas cookies! Here is the full list of our fave holiday eats.

“Fancy appetizers all day then beef tenderloin for dinner.” – Brianna, Recruiter & Corporate Trainer

“Mashed potatoes.” – Jen, Recruiter

“Sweet potato pie.” – Crystal, Technology Operations Analyst

“Gingerbread cookies and eggnog.” – Chris, Client Manager

“Sweet potato casserole and corn casserole.” – Tara, Recruiter

“Papa’s shrimp.” – Cherise, Vice President of Operations

“Chloe the Cat and I both like ham!” – Cheryl, Director of Premier Physician Services

“Peppermint bark!” – Samantha, Compliance Specialist

“My mom’s chocolate cookies with melted mint crèmes. Always served with peppermint stick ice cream.” – Emily, Content Marketing Coordinator

“My family’s homemade stuffing.” – Cailey, Recruiter

“Cheesy mashed potatoes.” – Alex, Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist

“Ham.” – Brandon, Recruiter

“Beef tenderloin.” – Lauren, Recruiter

“Either prime rib or brisket and cheesy potatoes!” – Sarah, Recruiter

“Every year, my husband makes an amazing prime rib.” – Christina, Recruiter

Our Favorite Childhood Memories

Part of the magic of the holidays is how nostalgic they can be. We all have cherished memories of being young and experiencing the wonderment of Christmastime. Here are some of our team’s favorite childhood memories of the holidays.

Waiting up for Santa and not being able to stay awake. Then getting up and seeing my Barbie house (my dad made it).” – Brianna, Recruiter & Corporate Trainer

“Going to my grandma’s house on Christmas Eve with all of our aunts and cousins was always so much fun.” – Meaghan, Digital Marketing Strategist

“Sledding with family and friends.” – Mia, Recruiter.

“Growing up as a kid and sorting all the presents on Christmas morning and patiently waiting for my parents to wake up and open them.” – Jen, Recruiter.

“The ‘Christmas town’ we put out every year that took up the entire dining room table. There were like 50 houses with cotton for snow.” – Crystal, Technology Operations Analyst.

“The year we got a Super Nintendo store display (from my dad’s work), which most likely gave me radiation poisoning from spending too much time under the neon light from the display.” – Chris, Client Manager.

“Opening stockings.” – Tara, Recruiter.

“Making Eggs and Bacon cookies with my mom (white chocolate, yellow M&M and 2 pretzel sticks).” – Cherise, Vice President of Operations.

“Leaving cookies out for Santa and coming downstairs in the morning seeing the plate with crumbs on it, convinced he had truly been there!” – Emily, Content Marketing Coordinator

“When I was 3, we had family in from out of town and on Christmas morning I woke up before everyone else and opened everyone’s presents that were under the tree. When everyone finally got up, I was sitting in the middle of all the wrapping paper in the living room playing with everyone’s toys.” – Cheryl, Director of Premier Physician Services

“When I was a kid, my family would all pack some travel mugs with hot chocolate and get in the car and go to different neighborhoods to check out their Christmas lights!” – Samantha, Compliance Specialist

“Waking up early and watching a Christmas story on Christmas morning every year while opening presents.” – Alex, Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist

“Waking up at 5am only to have our parents tell us to wait until 7am.” – Brandon, Recruiter

“Spending Christmas eve at my grandmas with all my cousins and my uncle pretending to be Santa to deliver gifts in the living room.” – Lauren, Recruiter

“We took a family trip to Disney World over Christmas when I was 6 years old, and when we got back home, Santa had still delivered all of our gifts, the best of which was a 2X3 foot Hershey’s Chocolate bar! I still have no idea how those gifts got there because the entire family was in Florida, and my mom still won’t tell me 21 years later!” – Sarah, Recruiter

“My dad used to take us sledding every Christmas morning if there was enough snow on the ground.” – Christina, Recruiter

Our Favorite Ways to Give Back Around the Holidays

The Premier Team is all about giving back, especially around the holidays. As a company, we are active in charitable community organizations year-round. And during Christmastime, our team members amp up their giving spirit and give to those who need it the most. Here’s how:

“We volunteer with Community Projects for Seniors and put together over 4,000 meals for low-income seniors, every Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving.” – Brianna, Recruiter & Corporate Trainer

“Supporting local families through Salvation Army and United Way, assisting with meals and/or gifts.” – Meaghan, Digital Marketing Strategist

“My family and I volunteer around the holidays at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC).” – Mia, Recruiter

“My friends and I do a karaoke pub crawl and we raise money for the Muskego and Wind Lake food pantries. We do 50/50 raffles, meat raffles, and accept canned good at each place and split all the proceeds we make evenly.” – Jen, Recruiter

“I love driving down Candy Cane Lane to see the Christmas lights, which doubles as a fundraiser for the MACC fund (childhood cancer research).” – Emily, Content Marketing Coordinator

Angel Tree! I have done it every year since I was about 6!” – Crystal, Technology Operations Analyst

“Salvation Army Adopt-a-Family.” – Tara, Recruiter

“Participate in buying items for children in need.” – Cherise, Vice President of Operations

“Every year I buy 50 pairs of gloves and 50 hats to The Gifts of Warmth Program.” – Cheryl, Director of Premier Physician Services

“In the past I’ve donated to the family Premier sponsors through the Salvation Army, or to Toys for Tots.” – Samantha, Compliance Specialist

“Giving money to the Salvation Army ringing bells outside the store.” – Alex, Billing & Accounts Receivable Specialist

“Adopt local kiddos holiday gifts and food pantry donations.” – Nicole, Accounts Receivable & Collections Specialist

“Donate warm clothes and gifts for families in need.” – Lauren, Recruiter

“I love giving gifts for the various giving trees for kids and senior citizens!” – Sarah, Recruiter

“We always adopt a family from a program our gym has set up where we gift the family with Christmas presents.” – Christina, Recruiter

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