5 Reasons to Listen to Podcasts

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on July 10, 2017 in Career Development


Reasons-to-Listen-to-Podcasts-Premier-Blog-ImageI’m going to start off by saying I love to listen to podcasts. A lot. I listen to more podcasts than I have time for. I love comedy podcasts, educational podcasts, podcasts full of advice (some good, some decidedly bad). Then there are the podcasts about TV, movies, true crime, money, politics…I’ve even been known to listen to podcasts about other podcasts. I’m hooked.

You may be wondering why a person with a full-time job, boatload of children, menagerie of pets, and more hobbies than she can count would choose to spend her time this way. In fact, looking at that podcast list, I tend to wonder too. Let’s break down my top reasons to listen to podcasts.

The Case for Podcast: Why You Should Listen to Podcasts

  1. Low Impact: I am an extrovert; as such, I have chosen a job where I interact with people all day long. I love it, but it is also exhausting. Podcasts are a great escape. I can turn it on and listen to people talk about anything that peaks my interest without the burden of adding to or leading the conversation. I can also put it on in the background while I clean, drive, or work on other projects. I get to just listen and enjoy.
  2. Informational: If there is a topic you want to learn more about, there is a podcast series for you. Whether it’s learning how to advance your skills in healthcare or just Stuff You Should Know podcasts have you covered. They come out every week (for the most part), so you know the podcasts are the most current information out there. This is one way that podcasts have a leg up on audio books.
  3. Free (mostly): Podcasts can be accessed for free on your computer, phone, or other electronic device. Podcasts are typically funded by ads, so they are at your fingertips whenever you want without a fee. However, if you are someone who dislikes listening to ads, or just wants to support your favorite podcast personalities, there is always the option to donate (usually with perks!).
  4. Communities: One unique attribute to the podcast world is the wonderful communities that have sprung up around them. There are few other platforms where the hosts are as accessible as with podcasts. You can @ them on Twitter, join their groups on Facebook, or follow on Instagram. In doing so, you gain exposure to other listeners all over the world that have similar interests. This “part of the group” feel can make a huge impact when feeling all alone, whether you have a solitary job, or are traveling across the country to start a new contract someplace new. The conversational format of a podcast makes you feel like you are a part of it.
  5. If I hear Despacito one more time…: Since podcasts come out every week, and there are literally new podcasts being created every day, you never have to listen to the same content twice!

So, what are some of the best podcasts out there? Here are 4 of my favorite podcasts to start your podcast list.

Suggested Podcasts for Nurses

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Suggested Podcasts for Physical Therapists

Looking for physical therapist podcasts? Here are 3 podcasts recommend by WebPT from their top 10 podcast list.

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…and I am always looking for more, so leave your favorite podcasts in the comments. I’d love to hear all about them!

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