Why You Should Try Contract Nursing in Your Hometown

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on July 22, 2022 in Travel Nursing


When discussing contract nursing, the trope that usually comes to mind is a travel RN who moves around the country from one far-flung location to the next. While a travel journey is great for some RNs, contract nursing is not a one-size-fits-all career. Lots of nurses are taking up contracts at facilities right in their hometowns. Local travel nursing is a growing sector of the contract nursing world, and there are many reasons it is attractive for certain RNs.

You’ll save time and money by avoiding travel

Traveling provides wonderful experiences, but at a greater expense than staying close to home. Contract nursing in your hometown is great because you’ll save money by avoiding air travel and long car rides (not to mention being more eco-friendly). The nomadic travel RN life isn’t for everyone, and one big draw of staying close to home for your next contract is that you don’t have to spend all that time condensing your life into a carry-on and a checked bag and having to find short-term housing every few months.

contract nursing commute

Friends and family are accessible

When travel RNs are asked why they chose contracts in their hometowns, they often say that that being near friends and family was the biggest reason. Contract nursing close to home means you’ll never have to miss a family function (but you can still use work as a good excuse if you don’t want to go). Travel nursing on the road can sometimes cause feelings of loneliness, and some RNs would much rather have the security of their community rather than a new set of coworkers every 13 weeks. Your hometown comes with a built-in set of familiar faces, which is a great reason to take up a local contract.

contract nursing family and friends

You’re already familiar with the area

Contract nursing in your hometown also means easy access to all your favorite places. Craving a slice from your favorite childhood pizza joint? It’s right down the road. Can’t wait to see your favorite local band? They’re playing at your neighborhood bar next Tuesday. All the creature comforts of home are within arm’s reach for a local contract nurse. Familiarity is a huge reason local contract nursing is gaining popularity in the travel RN community. Not to mention, contract nursing in your hometown gives you the opportunity to explore new spots in your city or home state…there’s nothing like playing “tourist” in your own town!

contract nursing local restaurant pizza

No need for additional licenses

One massive barrier to entry for travel nurses is the fact that many states require a compact license to work there. If you are already licensed to practice in your home state, you won’t need to go out of your way to acquire an additional license. This makes contract nursing locally a lot more attractive for some RNs.

Gives you the opportunity to decide whether travel nursing is the right career for you

If you are new to the contract nursing world and are debating whether a travel career is right for you, starting out with a contract in your hometown is a great way to build confidence in the field while staying local. You can still make travel nursing money while staying close to home, and the experience will help you decide if you’re ready for a travel career.


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