Standing Out in the Workplace

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on November 21, 2016 in Career Development


6 Ways Healthcare Employees Can Stand Out at Work and Gain Positive Recognition

standoutEven if you’re an excellent healthcare employee, there are always areas of opportunity and ways to stand out in the workplace. Standing out at work will not only get you into good graces with your boss or improve the potential of a promotion, which you may have been hoping for, but it will ultimately result in a gain of self-confidence and will aid in the growth of your professional development.

In order to stand out at work, it is essential to start your day as stress-free as possible. To organize your day most effectively, it is important to be setting realistic and concise goals, eating a balanced breakfast, and for most, drinking a nice big cup of coffee. If you are working an eight-hour workday at a healthcare facility, try narrowing down two or three main things that you’d like to accomplish that day and prioritizing them accordingly. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have the energy to start accomplishing your goals!

When setting goals, avoid setting yourself up for failure by overbooking yourself. Everyone knows how busy the medical field can be so it’s crucial that you are setting goals that are realistic to hit but still push you to strive for more. Working in a stressed out environment because you set too many or unobtainable goals will cause unnecessary stress on yourself and your coworkers.

Another way to stand out is by being productive and efficient. This is a skill that you can utilize in many work environments such as everyday tasks, training others, and leading meetings. To successfully accomplish this, it is important to be articulate what you’re trying to express in the clearest and concise way possible. Being able to clearly recognize which tasks take priority will help you be more efficient.  If you’re not accomplishing enough throughout the day, consider how you allocate your time.

Take initiative, be creative, and captivate your coworkers. Historically, if you’re able to spark excitement within yourself, it will radiate throughout your work environment. Management loves seeing their employees engage in creative thought and encourage their employees to bring new and fresh ideas to the company. Implementing this simple tip can keep the workplace exciting and less routine.

Additionally, having the ability to work alone and also in a team setting is crucial to letting your talent shine in your company. Management will appreciate a worker who brings success to the company through many different roles, not just solo or in a group. Showcasing your talents by making consistent contributions to meetings, daily tasks, and team goals will ensure your success.

My final suggestion to stand out at work is to always continue learning and expanding your knowledge. In order to formulate creative ideas, you’ll need to utilize active listening, strive for professional growth, and have professional confidence.  Some examples of professional development include reading books, attending workshops or seminars, and setting short and long-term goals that align. By taking the time to do these tasks, you’ll feel a greater sense of self-confidence and perform more effectively on a daily basis. There are many ways to stand out in your company; I have just named some of the few that I find most important.

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