6 Tech Must-Haves for Nurses

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on October 25, 2022 in Resources, Travel Nursing


While many of the classic nursing essentials (stethoscope, bandages, etc.) have been around for over a hundred years, there is a new generation of gadgets out there —and they make nurses’ lives much easier. These tech must-haves for nurses are here to assist you both on your shift and at home and can make even the most hectic days on the job that much easier.

1. Theragun Massager

A good muscle massager like the Theragun will help you recover faster after long days on your feet running around your unit. The Theragun is especially useful for nurses who exercise regularly and want to avoid being sore at work. Try the Theragun Mini, a portable version of the regular Theragun, to keep in your nursing bag or backpack so you can always have access to sweet muscle relief on the go.

tech must-haves for nurses

2. Smart Watch

Lots of clinicians swear by their smart watches, which is why they are among the top tech must-haves for nurses. Whether you want to check your heartrate, read texts, count your steps, or even schedule appointments, you can do it all from your wrist with a smart watch. This is extremely handy for nurses since smartphone access may be limited to break time, depending on your unit. Check out an Apple Watch or a Samsung Galaxy Watch to see what all the hype is about.

3. Amazon Blink Camera

Whether you’re concerned about home protection or just want to check to see what your pet is up to, a mini security camera is a great tool for nurses to have peace of mind while working a long shift. The Amazon Blink Mini is a budget-friendly USB camera that you can place anywhere inside or outside your house to monitor activity on your smartphone. It’s among the top tech must-haves for nurses because it is so easy to set up, and even has a two-way audio system so you can project your voice from the camera remotely (I use it to say hi to my puppy while I’m at work). This is a great feature for travel nurses with pets. See how it works with a tutorial on YouTube and see pricing on Amazon.

This is how I watch my puppy, Stanley, via the Blink Mini.

4. Coffee Mug Warmer

Many clinicians find it difficult to get through a long shift without their reliable cup of joe. However, nurses are always getting called away to deal with one thing or another, and often come back to the break room only to find that their cup of coffee has gone cold. This mug-warming coaster can help solve this age-old problem. This electric disk plugs into an outlet or USB port on a computer and emits just enough heat to keep your coffee (or tea) at the perfect temperature.


5. UV Light Smartphone Sanitizer

Even if you can’t use your phone during your shift, do you still feel like it’s bringing hospital germs back to your house? Turns out, your scrubs aren’t the only things you need to disinfect upon returning from your shift. Did you know that the average smartphone is 10 times dirtier than a public toilet seat? Simply wiping the device down with a wet cloth isn’t always going to cut it, especially since clinical settings expose your phone to a lot of germs. If you’d like to give your phone a more thorough cleaning, consider getting the PhoneSoap smartphone sanitizer, one of the most logical tech must-haves for nurses. This simple device uses ultraviolet light to clean the phone as it charges. Plus, it’s portable enough to bring anywhere you go. Your immune system will thank you!

6. Tracking Tiles

As a nurse, you have a lot of things to remember at all times and it’s easy to misplace your phone, keys, or wallet during times of stress (especially if you’re adjusting to a new sleep schedule). If you’re constantly losing essentials, you should consider getting a set of GPS tracking tiles to attach to them. These devices hook onto keys and bags and slide into wallets so that important items will never go missing again. If you can’t find something, open the related smartphone app and activate the tracker, which will cause the item to beep until you can locate it.

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