Highlights of 2022 According to Premier Staff

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on January 6, 2023 in Company News, Travel Nursing


We are so proud and excited to look back on 2022 and round up some of our favorite moments as a team. This past year, we celebrated milestones, made memories on company outings, and grew through challenges. Check out what our corporate employees said were their highlights of 2022.

Amanda (Recruitment Manager):

Since I am a fully remote worker, my highlights of 2022 were the weeks that I came to work in the office! I especially loved our outdoor team bonding event where we ate pizza and played bags.

Regina (Client Manager):

My highlight was the Christmas party — it just really felt like one big family.

Samantha (Talent Acquisition Manager):

Starting work with Premier in October and getting the opportunity to work with some really great clinicians & even better coworkers!

John B. (Client Manager):

My highlight is just how great the Client Management team works together and how cohesive we are. I truly enjoy the team and the hard work we do.


Sarah (Talent Acquisition Manager):

I would say my biggest highlight of 2022 would be leveling up from TAM to TAM 1! I was able to achieve a higher headcount to be considered, collaborated with other team members, and presented a new submission process to the TAM and CM team as well as continuing to build on my professional development.

John S. (Compliance Specialist):

When I think of my 2+ months at Premier I always first think of the following…Positive People!

Janelle (Director of Marketing Operations):

My highlights of 2022 were getting involved in the community. This year, we participated in Salvation Army’s Adopt-A-Family program once again. Also, taking part in the Susan G. Komen Pink Walk was a very memorable group outing!

Lauren K. (Talent Acquisition Manager):

Getting a promotion to TAM 2 and being awarded to become a TAM Lead to Manager of two internal employees for the upcoming year!

Tim (Compliance Lead):

Starting with Premier was what I think to be my highlight of 2022. It’s been a fantastic experience.

Emily (Content Marketing Coordinator):

One of my Premier highlights of 2022 was attending the Best Places to Work luncheon! Representing Premier as one of the Milwaukee area’s best places to work was so special.

Lindsay (Director of Client Management):

My highlights of 2022 were: Seeing Brian be promoted, hiring Chelsea and Olivia to join John and Regina to start up the Long-Term Care division, and hitting our goal headcount.

Leigh (Talent Acquisition Manager):

This is a hard one. I think my highlights of 2022 all simply involve being a part of the Premier team. Everyone has been so great to me, especially during my surgery and radiation. I’m lucky to be on a team that is so helpful, supportive, and accommodating.

Cailey (Talent Acquisition Manager):

I would have to agree with Tim in that starting at Premier was AMAZING. I truly loved all of the bonding and fun I have had with our corporate team. Another favorite of mine is how many amazing connections I have made, both on the corporate side as well as nurses!

Meaghan (Digital Marketing Strategist):

Overall, the in-office-shenanigans were top tier! Loved the rock-climbing outing and all of the 20th Anniversary celebrations too.

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