Productivity Hacks from Premier Recruiters

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In order to be a successful recruiter, time management is a must-have skill. Many of us struggle with productivity in our daily lives, so I asked our Premier staff what their secrets are when it comes to living and working efficiently. I don’t know about you, but I’ll definitely be implementing some of these productivity hacks to tackle my personal goals!

Lists are Friends, Not Foes

Keeping an organized to-do list is one of the easiest productivity hacks that will help you prioritize your tasks and get them done on time. Premier VP of Operations, Cherise, says, “I plan for my next day, every day. I make ‘to do’ lists for the week and weekend to keep me motivated to spend more time doing hobbies and staying active.” Recruiter Allie adds, “I start my day with the things I NEED to complete and then prioritize my to-dos based on most important tasks, and when it’s a busy day, I’ll reward myself with a break.” If you’re like me and procrastinate that one task or chore that I really don’t want to do, Director of Recruitment, Russ, has some sage advice: “There was a book I read years ago, Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy. It talked about not putting off the big task that you’re dreading doing (such as eating a yucky frog) as it will suck up so much of your energy. It also creates so much anxiety and it’s best to knock that big thing off the task list so you’re that much better at all the other tasks you need to do.”

Keep an Updated Calendar

In addition to keeping a detailed and prioritized to-do list, one of the most popular productivity hacks with our recruiters is keeping an updated calendar. Putting tasks on scheduled deadlines in your calendar will help you maximize your time each day. Recruiter Leigh notes, “I try to update my calendar and keep track of it.  I will look at it a week ahead of time and schedule time on Monday mornings to regroup on what to focus on this week.” Recruiter Sarah adds, “if I do not complete a task I have on my calendar, I mark it in bright red, so I know I need to complete it ASAP. I use my calendar like a to-do list!” Putting goals on a workable timeline in your calendar will significantly boost your chances of achieving them. “For personal goals, I try to again break larger goals down into weekly/daily chunks,” says Recruiter Tara. “I will set a 12-week goal and create verb action items I plan to do to accomplish them, and the amount of time needed each day to be successful.”

Multitasking is a Myth

It’s super important to understand that productivity does not mean doing everything at once. In fact, you can be more productive by doing one thing at a time. Director of Recruitment, Russ, advises, “Be present in the moment. Multitasking is a myth. It is always better to focus on one thing and do it well before moving forward onto something else. Rapidly switching from task to task means that nothing ever gets the true commitment needed to make it awesome!” Staggering your tasks so that you are spending adequate time on each thing is one of the most underrated productivity hacks. On a different side of that same coin, making sure you are not spending too much time on one task is important as well. Recruiter Sarah uses a timer system to help her stay on track: “If there is something I need to get done right now, I will set a 15-minute or 30-minute timer to focus just on that task. I do not answer emails or messages during that time and do not take calls because I need to prioritize that task.”

Don’t Forget to Take Care of Yourself

The key to being a productive person is to make sure your personal needs are met throughout the day. This means keeping your mental and physical health in check by taking intermittent breaks. Recruiter Mia says, “I use different kinds of fidget toys to help when my mind needs a break. I learned to solve a Rubik’s cube, so I solve that once or twice and feel accomplished from that to then start back up on the day.” Make sure to budget time in your day for self-care and physical activity. Mia’s strategy is: “Flexing my work hours to be able to go to the gym while it isn’t busy, to get some energy!”

A busy day full of tasks can also quickly lead to exhaustion. Don’t ignore your body when it needs a little rest. Compliance Specialist Samantha is a big proponent of the “power nap.” She says: “In college, I was able to master a 15-minute power nap! Whenever I’m dog-tired and can feel my eyes getting heavy but have way too much to do, I set a timer on my phone for 15 minutes and take a nap on the couch. It’s just long enough to reset my battery, and I wake up energized! Sometimes I need a little bit longer, so I set it for another 15 minutes, but napping in 15-minute intervals is super good for you!” You may think that taking breaks and napping are counterproductive, but in fact, breaks are proven to increase focus and performance, as well as relieve stress.

Make Your Environment Reflect Your Daily Goals

Your surroundings can have a big effect on your productivity. If your space is cluttered, noisy, or stressful, it’s going to make accomplishing tasks a lot harder. Recruiter Allie emphasizes this by saying: “I am all about the mindset as well as how my environment is. I make sure my office space is clean and distraction free, chill music and dogs by my feet.” Make sure you are in a good headspace and are feeling comfortable before diving into your work or tasks. Recruiter Lauren H. says, “some of my at-home favorites are a soft blanket – good music in the AirPods, a cup of coffee, and water bottle next to the desk as well! Sunshining and ready to grind!”

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