Travel Nursing with a Significant Other

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on June 2, 2023 in Travel Nursing


Travel nursing with a significant other can be one of the greatest adventures in your relationship and career. However, like most things in nursing (and life), it does not come without its unique challenges. To get all the best advice on travel nursing with a partner, we chatted with Premier RN Tess Stecker, who has been traveling with her husband and fellow RN, Kyle, for the past three years. Check out our conversation and follow Tess and Kyle’s adventures on Instagram.

How did you and Kyle decide to start travel nursing together?

All through college, we both knew we wanted to travel nurse before settling down and starting a family. When we got married and graduated college, we both started working in hospitals to gain experience. After about 2 years we were starting to get burnt out, so we decided to take the jump and start traveling!

What is the key to making your relationship work while travel nursing with a significant other?

Kyle and I both do different specialties in nursing, so that has made it slightly more difficult while travel nursing. We always look for contracts in the same city. Typically, Kyle works 5 8-hour shifts while I work 3 or 4 12-hour shifts. This can make it difficult for our schedules to align. Thankfully, I have always had great managers who let me have my days off when Kyle has off.

How do you and your partner bond/spend quality time together while on the road?

We love using our days off to explore the new city we are in. We are usually only in a new city for 13 weeks and that time flies by because of work! We always plan one night a week to go out and try a new restaurant which is a great way for us to experience new places. We also love hiking, going to museums or exploring downtown at whatever city we are in.

Where is your favorite place you have been on assignment?

Our favorite place we have been on assignment is San Diego, CA. It is such a unique city, it has the ocean, mountains, and great weather. It is a great city to live in while you’re young!

What advice would you give to clinicians who are thinking about travel nursing with a significant other?

Be patient with each other and value this time in our lives. When you’re travel nursing with a significant other, you are away from the familiar and comfortable and you really have to lean on each other. It is not always easy, and it can be lonely at times, but your significant other can provide a lot of support during the hard times. Also, really take the time to go out and have date nights. It is easy to waste your days off by sitting at home, but go explore, it’s worth it!


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