Benefits of Taking Time Off Between Travel Nursing Contracts

by Premier Medical Staffing Services on June 15, 2023 in Travel Nursing


Nursing is an inherently stressful profession, and for travel nurses, changing scenery every 13 weeks can compound stress. Travel nursing comes with so many amazing benefits, but it is not without its challenges. Even if you’re a self-described “rolling stone” and have no trouble moving from location to location, there are mental and physical tolls that come along with constant relocation. Many nurses find themselves compartmentalizing the stress of work and moving, and it eventually weighs on them, resulting in burnout. Taking a break between assignments isn’t a sign of weakness or admission of failure. It’s an opportunity to recharge and indulge in self-care, so you can approach your next assignment fresh and ready to succeed. If you are considering taking time off between travel nursing contracts, here are some of the benefits that come along with it. 

Stress Relief & Self Care 

One of the many benefits of taking time off between travel nursing contracts is, unsurprisingly, stress relief. A well-deserved break when you feel like pressure is building can interrupt the cycle of stress that causes burnout. When you break this cycle of stress, you can recuperate and get yourself to a healthier place both physically and mentally. Often, nurses use time off between contracts as a way to reconnect with self-care practices and simply rest and recharge. Some ways to decompress between travel nursing contracts are: 

  • Reading some of those books on your TBR list
  • Splurging on a spa day 
  • Hiking, biking, boating, or simply reconnecting with nature 
  • Journaling about your nursing experiences and setting career goals 
  • Enjoying the arts: going to the museum, the theatre, or listening to live music

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When taking time off between travel nursing contracts, you may consider indulging in a much-needed vacation. Whether you’ve been wanting to explore that national park on your list, go out in the big city, or relax on the beach, you can use your time off between contracts as an escape from the ordinary. Many travel nurses use budgeting strategies to save up for a vacation and use some time off between contracts to get away. This is a fantastic way to spend some time before jumping into your next assignment. 

taking time off between travel nursing contracts

Reconnect with Family and Friends 

One of the side-effects of travel nursing is being away from your circle of family and friends. When considering taking time off between travel nursing contracts, you may want to use the opportunity to spend some quality time with your loved ones.  

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Refocus on Goals 

One of the best ways to refocus on your career and personal goals is taking time off between travel nursing contracts. Feeling like you need a mental and physical reset to outline your next move? Take a couple weeks before your next contract to focus on what you’re looking to accomplish in the next year. Chronic stress can lead to decreased creativity and memory problems, which is why a break from nursing is a great way to clear your mind and focus on what your goals are. 

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Indulge in Passion Projects 

Do you have a personal endeavor you’ve been dying to start but work keeps getting in the way? Take a break between travel nursing contracts and start making headway on that passion project! Whether you want to start a side-hustle, master a cooking technique, plant your dream garden, or learn how to crochet, taking some time off between travel nursing contracts will afford you the time to do so.  

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